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  1. Kikko (Japanese armour) - Wikipedia

    Kikko were used in the construction of traditional Japanese armour, suneate (greaves) and tate-eri (shoulder pads) often incorporated kikko in their design. Haidate (thigh guards) and kote (sleeves) could also be partially or completely armoured with kikko .

  2. Bronze and brass ornamental work - Wikipedia

    A number of objects exist in the form of firedogs, candlesticks, caskets, plaques and vases, the body of which is of brass roughly cast with a design in relief; the hollow spaces between the lines of the design are filled in with patches of white, black, blue or red enamel, with very pleasing results (cf. Fig. 7).

  3. Synapsid - Wikipedia

    The ancestral skin type of synapsids has been subject to discussion. Among the early synapsids, only two species of small varanopids have been found to possess scutes; fossilized rows of osteoderms indicate horny armour on the neck and back, and skin impressions indicate some possessed rectangular scutes on their undersides and tails.

  4. Besa machine gun - Wikipedia

    Cartridge S.A. Armour-Piercing 7.92 m/m W Mark Iz March 1941 – November 1941 Green annulus, WIZ on headstamp Cartridge S.A. Armour-Piercing 7.92 m/m W Mark IIz September 1941 – 1966 Green annulus, WIIZ on Headstamp Cartridge S.A. Incendiary 7.92 m/m B Mark Iz 1942–1966 Blue annulus, BIZ on headstamp

  5. In my defens God me defend - Wikipedia

    Origins. Adopted during the reign of the Stewart dynasty, and certainly in use by the reign of James IV (1488–1513), "In my defens God me defend" was originally the only motto associated with Scotland's Royal arms, with versions appearing in both truncated and abbreviated forms; In my defens, for example, having been adopted for the Royal arms of James IV.

  6. Cyberman - Wikipedia

    The name "Cyberman" comes from cybernetics, a term used in Norbert Wiener's book Cybernetics or Control and Communication in the Animal and the Machine (MIT Press, 1948). Wiener used the term in reference to the control of complex systems, particularly self-regulating control systems, in the animal world and in mechanical networks.

  7. United Nations Protection Force - Wikipedia

    A Serb dressed with a blue helmet and French body armour and uniform attempted to take him hostage, but was deterred by the escort, and the officer managed to escape. [ citation needed ] In the following hours, after intense shelling by ERC 90 Sagaie armoured vehicles, the French stormed the post, killing four Serbs and capturing four others.

  8. Kenya Army - Wikipedia

    Subsequently, the Kenya Army contributed officers towards peace support operations in Chad in 1982 on the request of the Organization of African Unity. Kenya has consistently participated in the United Nations Peace-Keeping operations since 1989 when she sent military observers and an infantry battalion to Namibia.

  9. Cold War Soviet Destroyers - naval encyclopedia

    Jul 26, 2020 · 160 Destroyers (45 in 1990) Foreworld: A destroyer force dwarved by NATO The Soviet Navy was the “poor parent” compared to the land and air forces during the cold war. At any moment for 43 years, the Soviet ground forces could unleash more than 20,000 tanks on the German plains and forest, and strike with … Continue reading "Cold War Soviet Destroyers"

  10. Moncton - Wikipedia

    The Blue Cross Centre is a large nine-story building in Downtown Moncton. Although only nine stories tall, the building is architecturally distinctive, encompasses a full city block, and is the largest office building in the city in terms of square footage. It is the home of Medavie Blue Cross and the Moncton Public Library. There are about a ...

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