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    Hoplite-style warfare was influential, and influenced several other nations in the Mediterranean. Hoplite warfare was the dominant fighting style on the Italian Peninsula until the early 3rd century BC, employed by both the Etruscans and the Early Roman army.

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    The Roman/Italian military alliance had fully evolved by 264 BC and remained for 200 years the basis of Roman military organisation. From 338 BC to 88 BC, Roman legions were invariably accompanied on campaign by an equal number of somewhat larger allied units called alae (literally: "wings", as allied troops would always be posted on the flanks of the Roman battle-line, with the Roman legions ...

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    The Italian Army used grigio-verde ("grey-green") in the Alps from 1906 and across the army from 1909. The Germans adopted feldgrau ("field grey") in 1910. Portugal , during the Peninsular War , fielded light infantry known as Cacadores who wore brown-jackets which helped conceal them.

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    The Ents are akin to Huorns, whom Treebeard describes as a transitional form of trees which become animated or, conversely, as Ents who grow more "treelike" over time. [T 1] Inspired by Tolkien and similar traditions, animated or anthropomorphic tree creatures appear in a variety of media and works of fantasy.

    • Onodrim, Shepherds of the Trees, Tree-folk
    • First Age
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    1 Cruisers of the Russian Imperial Navy (1873–1917) 1.1 Note on official classification 1.2 Armoured cruiser 1.3 Protected cruiser 1.4 Yacht cruisers 1.5 Torpedo cruisers 1.6 Battlecruisers 1.7 Non-protected & auxiliary cruisers 2 Cruisers of the Soviet and modern Russian Navy 2.1 Light Cruisers (KRL4) 2.2 Heavy cruisers (TKR) 2.3 Guided Missile Cruisers (RKR) 2.4 Heavy Nuclear Guided ...

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    Subsequently, the Kenya Army contributed officers towards peace support operations in Chad in 1982 on the request of the Organization of African Unity. Kenya has consistently participated in the United Nations Peace-Keeping operations since 1989 when she sent military observers and an infantry battalion to Namibia.

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    Gromoboi \ «Громобой» (1899) (transitional type to squadron cruisers) - Served at Far East 1900–1906, laid up 1918, BU 1922 Bayan class (4 units) Bayan \ «Баян» (1900, La Seyne ) - Served at Far East 1903–1904, sunk by shells and blown up to prevent capture 1904, refloated by Japan and renamed Aso 1908, minelayer 1920 ...

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    Jan 1, 2014 - Explore Jasmine Zenetti's board "Judy Greer", followed by 5194 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about judy, greer, american actress.

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    Dec 21, 2016 · Rhodesian Armoured Corps - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia The Rhodesian Armoured Corps—the "Black Devils"—was the only standing armoured battalion of the Rhodesian Security Forces. Major General Evered Poole, the division commander, Southern Rhodesian armour spent two years in deep storage before 1 Reconnaissance Troop, ...

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    The Ha-Go spawned a few variants over its lifetime. These included the Type 4 Ke-Nu (Ha-Go with an early Chi-Ha turret), Type 3 Ke-Ri (would-be replacement of the Ha-Go), and the Type 5 Ho-Ru (tank destroyer prototype armed with a 47mm gun). The Ha-Go was also one of the only WW2 Japanese tanks to see service in another nation’s Army.