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    The Tommy Trojan statue, 2013. Tommy Trojan, officially known as the Trojan Shrine, is one of the most recognizable figures of school pride at the University of Southern California. The life-size bronze statue of a Trojan warrior stands in the center of campus and serves as a popular meeting spot, as well as a centerpiece for a number of campus ...

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    The Uga mascots started in 1956 when Seiler brought a bulldog that was given to him as a wedding present by Frank Heard to Georgia's first home game of the season. . Afterwards, head coach Wally Butts asked his permission to use the dog as Georgia's mascot, and around the same time a University of Georgia Law School fellow student and friend, Billy Young, suggested that he name it Uga, a play ...

    • 1956
    • English bulldog
  3. Jonathan the Husky is the mascot of the University of Connecticut. All of UConn's huskies are named Jonathan in honor of Jonathan Trumbull , the last colonial and first state Governor of Connecticut . [1]

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    Butler Blue IV, the current iteration of Butler Blue, is the Official Mascot of Butler University. Blue is a Red Fawn and White, Male, AKC-Registered English Bulldog and can be easily spotted by the marking above his right eyebrow. There have been four bulldogs to bear the name, with the most recent, who assumed the name in January 2020, taking ...

    • Student contest
    • Big East
  6. Art, architecture, and archaeology. 7 World Trade Center · Acra (fortress) · Angkor Wat · Annunciation (Memling) · Anthony Roll · Beaune Altarpiece · The Battle of Alexander at Issus · Belton House · Blakeney Chapel · The Blind Leading the Blind · Bodiam Castle · Book of Kells · Borobudur · Boydell Shakespeare Gallery · Bramall Hall · Bramshill House · Britomart Redeems Faire ...

  7. Description [ edit] The Baltimore Oriole is a medium-sized bird, with a sturdy body, longish tail, fairly long legs, and a thick pointed bill. This medium-sized passerine measures 17–22 cm (6.7–8.7 in) in length and spans 23–32 cm (9.1–12.6 in) across the wings. Their build is typical of icterids, as they have a sturdy body, a longish ...

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