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  1. Jonathan the Husky - Wikipedia Jonathan the Husky The canine Jonathan XIII with former president of UConn, Michael Hogan. Jonathan the Husky is the mascot of the University of Connecticut. All of UConn's huskies are named Jonathan in honor of Jonathan Trumbull, the last colonial and first state Governor of Connecticut. [1]

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    Butler Blue IV (born October 30, 2019), also known as Blue, became Butler's official live mascot effective with the 2020–21 school year. Officially announced on January 22, 2020, he was introduced on January 24, first to the university community in the day and then to the general public at the Bulldogs' game that evening at Hinkle Fieldhouse.

    • Student contest
    • Big East
  3. Voltage Pictures is an American film production and distribution company founded by Nicolas Chartier in 2005. It has assembled over 180 motion pictures, earning the company a total of two Golden Globe Awards and nine Academy Awards . Contents 1 Recent films 2 Sales titles 3 Television 4 Awards 5 Piracy 6 Films 7 References 8 External links

    • Nicolas Chartier (CEO), Jonathan Deckter (President & COO)
    • Los Angeles, California, United States
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    Only one serial specialty company, Mascot Pictures, transitioned from silent to sound filmmaking. Universal Pictures also kept its serial unit alive through the transition. In the early 1930s a handful of independent companies tried their hand at making serials, including the once-prolific Weiss Brothers.

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    The word mascot has been traced back to a dialectal use in Provence and Gascony, where it was used to describe anything which brought luck to a household.[3] The suggestion that the word is derived from masqu (meaning "masked" or "concealed"), the Provincial French for a child born with a caul, in allusion to the lucky destiny of such children, is ...

    Often the choice of mascot reflects a desired quality; a common example of this is the "fighting spirit," in which a competitive nature is personified by warriors or predatoryanimals. Mascots may also symbolize a local or regional trait, such as the Nebraska Cornhuskers' mascot, Herbie Husker: a stylized version of a farmer, owing to the agricultur...

    See also: Lists of sports mascots: Australian sports, Brazilian football, MLB, NFL, NHL, Olympics and Paralympics, U.S. colleges (post-secondary)
    See also: Native American mascot controversy, List of sports team names and mascots derived from indigenous peoples
    See also: Religious symbolism in U.S. sports team names and mascots

    Mascots are also popular in military units. For example, the United States Marine Corps uses the bald eagle as a formal emblem; the bulldogis also popularly associated with the U.S. Marines. The goat in the Royal Welsh is officially not a mascot but a ranking soldier. Lance Corporal William Windsor retired on 20 May 2009, and a replacement is expec...

    Camilla Corona SDO is the mission mascot for NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory(SDO) and assists the mission with Education and Public Outreach (EPO).

    Some bands, particularly in the Heavy Metal genre use band mascots to promote their music. The mascots are usually found on album covers or merchandise such as band T-shirts, but can also make appearances in live shows or music videos. A famous example of a band mascot is Eddie the Head of the English Heavy Metal band Iron Maiden. Eddie is a zombie...

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  6. The New Yorker is an American magazine featuring journalism, commentary, criticism, essays, fiction, satire, cartoons, and poetry.It is published by Condé NastCondé Nast

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