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    Tricky also appeared as Finn, a musician who loves & dumps main character Lynn in the US sitcom Girlfriends. In 2001, Tricky appeared in online advertising for the web series We Deliver, about a cannabis delivery service in New York City. Though he did not appear in any episodes, in the advertising it appears as if he is a customer of the service.

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    Born In. Adrian Thaws (born 27 January 1968), better known as Tricky, is a rapper and musician from Knowle West, Bristol, England who is important in the trip-hop scene (despite loathing the tag) and remains influential on the British scene more generally. He is noted for an asthmatic whispering lyrical style that is half-rapped, half-sung.

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    DJs Daddy G and Andrew Vowles and graffiti artist-turned-rapper Robert Del Naja met as members of partying collective the Wild Bunch. One of the first homegrown soundsystemsin the UK, the Wild Bunch became dominant on the Bristol club scene in the mid-1980s. Massive Attack started as a spin-off production trio in 1988, with the independently released song, "Any Love", sung by falsetto-voiced singer-songwriter Carlton McCarthy, and then, with considerable backing from Neneh Cherry, they signed to Circa Records in 1990—committing to deliver six studio albums and a "best of" compilation. Circa became a subsidiary of, and was later subsumed into, Virgin Records, which in turn was acquired by EMI. Blue Lines (1991), was co-produced by Jonny Dollar and Cameron McVey, who also became their first manager. McVey (credited at the time as 'Booga Bear') and his wife, Neneh Cherry, provided crucial financial support and in-kind assistance to the early careers of Massive Attack, Portishead and Tr...

    Some of their most noted songs have been without choruses and have featured dramatically atmospheric dynamics, conveyed through either distorted guitar crescendos, lavish orchestral arrangements or prominent, looped/shifting basslines, underpinned by high and exacting production values, involving sometimes copious digital editing and mixing. The pace of their music has often been slower than prevalent British dance music of the time. These and other psychedelic, soundtrack-like and DJist sonic techniques, formed a much-emulated style journalists began to dub "trip hop" from the mid-nineties onwards,though in an interview in 2006, Daddy G said, "We used to hate that terminology [trip-hop] so bad,' laughs. 'You know, as far we were concerned, Massive Attack music was unique, so to put it in a box was to pigeonhole it and to say, "Right, we know where you guys are coming from.""

    'Fire Sale' exhibition

    A solo exhibition of Del Naja's art was held at the Lazarides gallery in central London, from 24 May to 22 June 2013. The show's content spanned a period of over twenty years and featured many of the art pieces that Del Naja created for Massive Attack. Each piece, reinterpreted especially for the exhibition, was hand-printed and finished. The show also featured three one-off 'digital infinity mirrors', two of which contained phrases supplied by Reprieve that were extracted from dronepilot dia...

    Massive Attack and Adam Curtis

    Del Naja conceived and designed an eight-night festival with filmmaker Adam Curtis—in collaboration with UVA (United Visual Artists)—that premiered in Manchester, UK in July 2013. The festival featured Curtis's film, unofficially titled The Plan, which was projected on a huge screen surrounding the audience, while music from Massive Attack was interweaved throughout the film. Del Naja, who orchestrated the film's soundtrack, described the experience as a "collective hallucination" and the fil...

    Mezzanine DNA

    In April 2019, it was reported that Massive Attack had encoded Mezzanine into DNA to mark the 20th anniversary of the seminal 1998 album. The album has also been made available in the form of a matt black spray paint can. A limited number of spray cans will contain the DNA encoded audio within matte black paint and each can will contain approximately one million copies of the album.Addressing the novel storage method, Del Naja – who is also known as a graffiti artist as ‘3D' – said: “It’s a c...

    Robert Del Naja has been critical of UK government policies. He was strongly opposed to the 2003 war against Iraq, and with fellow musician Damon Albarn personally paid for full-page advertisements against the war in the NMEmagazine. Massive Attack have worked with Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament and Stop the War Coalition, while also having helped fund a legal challenge to military invervention in the international courts. In 2005, Del Naja organised and performed at a charity concert in Bristol for Tsunami Relief with Adrian Utley and Geoff Barrow of Portishead. The two-night event featured Massive Attack, Portishead, Robert Plant, the Coral and Albarn.[citation needed] In 2007, Del Naja, musicians Albarn and Brian Eno, and United Visual Artists contributed to a demonstration against the renewal of the Trident nuclear programme that was held on board the Arctic Sunrise on the River Thames. In 2008, Massive Attack curated the annual Meltdown festival on London's south bank. During...

    Billboard Music Awards

    The Billboard Music Awards honor artists for commercial performance in the U.S., based on record charts published by Billboard. The awards are based on sales data by Nielsen SoundScan and radio information by Nielsen Broadcast Data Systems.The award ceremony was held from 1990 to 2007, until its reintroduction in 2011.

    D&AD Awards

    Design and Art Direction (D&AD) is a British educational charity which exists to promote excellence in design and advertising.

    Denmark GAFFA Awards

    Delivered since 1991. The GAFFA Awards(Danish: GAFFA Prisen) are a Danish award that rewards popular music awarded by the magazine of the same name.

    Chemam, Melissa (2019), Massive Attack: Out of the Comfort Zone, Tangent Books, ISBN 1910089729, ISBN 978-1910089729

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    Joseph Maurice Ravel (7 March 1875 – 28 December 1937) was a French composer, pianist and conductor. He is often associated with impressionism along with his elder contemporary Claude Debussy, although both composers rejected the term.

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    Bangtan Boys. BTS (në gjuhën koreane: 방탄 소년단; shqiptimi: Bangtan Sonyeondan), i njohur gjithashtu si Bangtan Boys, është një grup i përbërë nga shtatë anëtarë: RM, JIN, SUGA, J-HOPE, JIMIN, V & JUNGKOOK, formuar në Seul, Korea e Jugut në 2010. Ata debutuan fillimisht si një grup hip hop, megjithëse me kalimin e kohës ...

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    Röyksopp. Röyksopp ( Norwegian pronunciation: [ˈrœ̂ʏksɔp]) are a Norwegian electronic music duo from Tromsø in Troms og Finnmark, (northern Norway) formed in 1998. The duo consists of Svein Berge and Torbjørn Brundtland. Røyksopp is the Norwegian word for the class of mushrooms known as puffballs, but the band's name substitutes ö ...

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    • Shëndeti
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    Gomez u diagnostikua me Lupus diku midis vitit 2012 dhe fillimit të vitit 2014. Më 14 shtator 2017 ajo njoftoi nëpërmjet Instagram se ajo ishte tërhequr nga ngjarjet publike gjatë disa muajve të mëparshëm, sepse ajo kishte marrë një transplantim të veshkave nga aktorja dhe mikesha Francia Raisa. Gjatë transplantimit, Gomez thyen një arterie. Një operacion emergjent u zhvillua për të ndërtuar një arterie të re duke përdorur një venë nga këmbët e saj.Gomez gjithashtu ka qenë gjithmonë e hapur për problemet e saj mentale që përfshijnë depresionin, ankthin si dhe bipolar disorder.

    Selena Gomez u lind nga Ricardo Joel Gomez dhe ish aktorja Amanda Dawn "Mandy" Cornett. Babai i saj është me prejardhje meksikane ndërsa e ëma për shkak birësimit ka prejardhje italiane. Prindërit e Gomez u divorcuan kur ajo ishte pesë vjeç, dhe ajo mbeti me nënën e saj. Selena ka dy gjysmë-motra më të reja: Gracie Elliot Teefey, përmes Amandës dhe burrit të saj të dytë Brian Teefey, dhe Victoria "Tori" Gomez, përmes Ricardo dhe gruas së tij Sara. Ajo morri diplomën e shkollës së mesme përmes shkollimit në shtëpi në maj 2010.Gomez ka pohuar se ka pasur një jetë mjaft të vështirë pasi e ëma e lindi vetëm kur ajo ishte 16 vjece.

    Në sezonin e 7-të të Barnit Selena u bë si rol kryesorë. Si aktore Selena filloi që nga viti 2002. Ndërsa si këngëtare filloi kur bëri debutimin në Disney në serialin Wizard of Waverly Place. Në vitin 2006 u shfaq si mysafire ne Hannah Montana.

    I formuar në vitin 2009, Selena Gomez & the Sceneishte një grup pop i cili u përbë nga Selena Gomez në vokal, Ethan Roberts në kitarë, Clement Joey në bas, Greg Garman në bateri dhe Dane Forrest në tastierë. "Kiss & Tell" është albumi debutues dhe u lëshua më 29 shtator, 2009 nga Hollywood Records. Më 5 mars, 2010, albumi ishte certifikuar Gold nga RIAA. Kenga "Naturally", ishte certifikuar Platinum nga RIAA më 15 korrik, 2010. Albumi i dyte grupit "A Day Wthout Rain" u leshua më 17 shtator, 2010.Rekord i debutimit në Billboard 200 në numrin 4, shitur 66.000 kopje. Më 19 janar, 2011, albumi ishte certifikuar Gold nga RIAA.Albumi i tretë i grupit "When the Sun goes Down" (Otherside i titulluar më parë), lëshuar më 28 qershor, 2011. Albumi debutoi në numrin 4 në Billboard 200, duke shitur 78.000 kopje javën e saj të parë, Kenga "Who Says" ishte certifikuar Platinum nga RIAA më 23 qershor. Ajo konsiderohet si nje nga femrat me te bukura ne bote. Gomez u largua nga grupi që të fokusohet...


    me Selena Gomez & the Scene 1. Kiss & Tell(2009) 2. A Year Without Rain(2010) 3. When the Sun Goes Down(2011) Solo 1. Stars Dance(2013) 2. Revival(2015) 3. Rare (2020)

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    Mar 12, 2021 · Hell Is Round the Corner. Adrian Thaws (born 27 January 1968), better known as Tricky, is a rapper and musician from Knowle West, Bristol, England who is important in the trip-hop scene (despite loathing the tag) and remains influential on the British scene more generally. He is noted for an asthmatic whispering lyrical style that is half ...

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    She was the 9th top grossing music artist of 2013, with $20,072,072.32 earned. RCA Records later announced that they have signed Pink for a multi-album deal that will last for years to come. The singer was quoted about the deal saying "I am super-duper excited to continue onwards and upwards with RCA and my team there".

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