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  1. Mar 14, 2023 · Trucks are also classified more broadly by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), which groups classes 1 and 2 as light duty, 3 through 6 as medium duty, and 7 and 8 as heavy duty. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has a separate system of emissions classifications for trucks.

  2. Sep 19, 2017 · Medium-duty trucks. Medium trucks weigh between 14,001 and 26,000 pounds and are typically used for transporting goods or people from city to city within the same state. Examples include box trucks, firetrucks and school buses. They are divided into the following three classes: Class 4 — 14,001 to 16,000 pounds.

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  4. Jun 23, 2020 · How Truck Classification Works. In a nutshell, truck classification looks at the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating or the GVWR. It’s how manufacturers label trucks based on government guidelines. For example, a Class 8 truck is a truck with GVWRs over 33,001 pounds. The GVWR indicates the maximum truck weight plus what it’s able to carry fully ...

  5. Mar 12, 2023 · Light duty trucks are classified as class 1-2-3 trucks. Class 2A trucks are typically called "light duty", while class 2B trucks are often called "light heavy duty". Medium duty trucks are classified as class 4-5-6 trucks. Heavy duty trucks are classified as class 7-8 trucks.

  6. Dec 3, 2021 · The term “medium duty” is a widely used truck classification by those in the trucking industry. Trucks and other larger vehicles are classified based on their gross weight. Medium duty trucks refer to truck Classes 6 and 7, which have a gross weight rating between 19,501- 33,000 lbs. Medium duty trucks are used in many applications.

  7. Mar 21, 2023 · Since 1901, we have built trailers with enduring performance, backed by industry-leading service and the support of a nationwide dealer network and expert team. That’s why customers around the world trust Heil Trailer for efficiency and decades of on-the-road performance.

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