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  1. Where the Sidewalk Ends - Wikipedia › wiki › Where_the_Sidewalk_Ends

    Where the Sidewalk Ends is a 1974 children's poetry collection written and illustrated by Shel Silverstein.It was published by Harper and Row Publishers. The book's poems address many common childhood concerns and also present purely fanciful stories and imagination inspiring images.

  2. The Story of Medusa and Athena - › world › greece

    I doubt it to be true, but even if it were -- there is more to life than beauty alone. While others work and play and learn, you do little but boast and admire yourself.” Medusa tried to point out that her beauty was an inspiration to those around her and that she made their lives better by simply looking so lovely, but Athena silenced her ...

  3. Choral Reading | Classroom Strategies | Reading Rockets › strategies › choral_reading

    Choral reading is reading aloud in unison with a whole class or group of students. Choral reading helps build students' fluency, self-confidence, and motivation. Because students are reading aloud together, students who may ordinarily feel self-conscious or nervous about reading aloud have built-in support.

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    2 days ago · While some affect the sun, and some the shade. Some flee the city, some the hermitage; Their aims as various, as the roads they take In journeying thro' life;--the task be mine, To paint the gloomy horrors of the tomb; Th' appointed place of rendezvous, where all These travellers meet.--Thy succours I implore, Eternal King! whose potent arm sustains The keys of Hell and Death.--The Grave ...

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