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  1. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia A natural trumpet is a valveless brass instrument that is able to play the notes of the harmonic series.

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    The trumpet is a brass instrument commonly used in classical and jazz ensembles. The trumpet group ranges from the piccolo trumpet with the highest register in the brass family, to the bass trumpet, which is pitched one octave below the standard B ♭ or C Trumpet.

    • Etymology

      The English word "trumpet" was first used in the late 14th...

    • History

      The earliest trumpets date back to 1500 BCE and earlier. The...

    • Construction

      The trumpet is constructed of brass tubing bent twice into a...

    • Types

      The most common type is the B♭ trumpet, but A, C, D, E♭, E,...

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    List of trumpeters From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia This article lists notable musicians who have played the trumpet, cornet or flugelhorn.

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  5. A trumpet is a brass instrument used mainly in Classical music and jazz music. The most common type of trumpet is a B♭ trumpet, meaning that if the player plays a C, it will sound like a B♭ in concert pitch. The trumpet is played by blowing into the mouthpiece and making a "buzzing" sound.

    • 423.233, (Valved aerophone sounded by lip movement)
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    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia A natural trumpet is a valveless brass instrument that is able to play the notes of the harmonic series.

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    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Timothy Jude Smith (born 9 June 1982), better known by his stage name Timmy Trumpet, is an Australian DJ, musician, songwriter and record producer. He has become known internationally for playing the trumpet live and making use of jazz elements in the realm of global dance music.

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    Brugmansia is a genus of seven species of flowering plants in the family Solanaceae. They are woody trees or shrubs, with pendulous flowers, and have no spines on their fruit. Their large, fragrant flowers give them their common name of angel's trumpets, a name sometimes used for the closely related genus Datura.

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    Trumpet flower, other plants with trumpet-like flowers This page is an index of articles on plant species (or higher taxonomic groups) with the same common name ( vernacular name). If an internal link led you here, you may wish to edit the linking article so that it links directly to the intended article.

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    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Donald Eugene Cherry (November 18, 1936 – October 19, 1995) was an American jazz trumpeter. Cherry had a long association with saxophonist Ornette Coleman, which began in the late 1950s. Cherry was also a pioneer in world fusion music in the 1960s and 1970s.

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    Alison Louise Balsom OBE (born 7 October 1978) is an English trumpet soloist, arranger, producer, and music educator. Balsom was awarded Artist of the Year at the 2013 Gramophone Awards and has won three Classic BRIT Awards and three German Echo Awards, and was a soloist at the BBC Last Night of the Proms in 2009.

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    Trumpet har tillsammans med kornetten det högsta registret bland bleckblåsinstrumenten.En modern trumpet har vanligtvis tre ventiler och är stämd i Bess eller C, men det finns trumpeter med fler ventiler och med andra stämningar.