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  1. Bohemianism - Wikipedia › wiki › Bohemianism

    1 day ago · Origins European bohemianism. Literary and artistic bohemians were associated in the French imagination with the roving Romani people.Not only were Romani called bohémiens in French because they were believed to have come to France from Bohemia, but literary bohemians and the Romani were both outsiders, apart from conventional society and untroubled by its disapproval.

  2. Miskolc - Wikipedia › wiki › Miskolc

    1 day ago · Etymology. The name derives from Miško, Slavic form of Michael. Miškovec → Miskolc with the same development as Lipovec → Lipólc, Lipóc.The name is associated with the Miskolc clan (also Miskóc or Myscouch, Slovak Miškovec, plural Miškovci) named after the settlement or vice versa.

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  3. Hausa people - Wikipedia › wiki › Hausa_people

    1 day ago · A "Hausa ethnic flag" was proposed in 1966 (according to online reports dated 2001). It shows five horizontal stripes—from top to bottom in red, yellow, indigo blue, green, and khaki beige. [84] An older and traditionally established emblem of Hausa identity, the 'Dagin Arewa' or Northern knot, in a star shape, is used in historic ...

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  4. Hungarian language - Wikipedia › wiki › Hungarian_language

    1 day ago · Hungarian (magyar nyelv (help · info)) is a Uralic language spoken in Hungary and parts of several neighbouring countries. It is the official language of Hungary and one of the 24 official languages of the European Union.

  5. Dagestan - Wikipedia › wiki › Dagestan

    1 day ago · Republic in North Caucasian, Russia Republic of Dagestan Republic Республика Дагестан Flag Coat of arms Anthem: State Anthem of the Republic of Dagestan Location of Dagestan (red) within Russia Location of Dagestan (dark green) in Europe (green) Coordinates: 43°06′N 46°53′E  /  43.100°N 46.883°E  / 43.100; 46.883 Country Russia Federal district North ...

  6. Love (disambiguation) - Wikipedia › wiki › Love_(disambiguation)

    1 day ago · Love, one of several names for the number 0 in English Zero in the tennis scoring system Linguistics of visual English , a version of manually coded English in use North America

  7. History of Belarus - Wikipedia › wiki › History_of_Belarus

    1 day ago · This article describes the history of Belarus.The Belarusian ethnos is traced at least as far in time as other East Slavs.. After an initial period of independent feudal consolidation, Belarusian lands were incorporated into the Kingdom of Lithuania, Grand Duchy of Lithuania, the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth, the Russian Empire and eventually the Soviet Union.

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