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  1. Túrin | The One Wiki to Rule Them All | Fandom › wiki › Túrin
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    Early life

    Túrin was the only son of Húrin Thalion and Morwen Eledhwen. He had a younger sister Urwen, whom everyone called "Lalaith" because of her laughter. However, she died in childhood of plague. Túrin became a close friend of Sador the one-legged carpenter, whom he named Labadal ("hop-a-foot"). After Húrin was captured in the Nírnaeth Arnoediad, Túrin remained with his mother Morwen, who hid him from the Easterlings that Morgoth had sent to Hithlum, fearing they would kill Túrin or enslave him. Un...

    Time in Doriath

    When Túrin was eight years old, Morwen sent him to the Elven realm of Doriath, where he was adopted by Thingol as a son after meeting the Elf-maiden Nellas in the woods. After this, Túrin's second sister Nienor was born. Túrin was restless, and as soon as he was permitted he joined Beleg Cúthalion on the marches of Doriath, fighting the orcs of Morgoth. It was in this time he received the Dragon-helm of Dor-lómin from Thingol. In his early battles his helm protected him from many injuries, as...

    Life as an outlaw

    Túrin accidentally caused the death of Saeros, one of Thingol's counselors who provoked and attacked him. Before he could be either punished or forgiven, he fled, eventually encountering a band of outlaws that dwelt south of Brethil. There he identified himself only as Neithan (the wronged). The men of the band realised he was by far the most skilled of the group so they spoke not out against him. After seeing him terrorize an innocent woman, Túrin killed their leader, and became their leader...

    The second prophecy of Mandos (later removed from The Silmarillion by Christopher Tolkien) states that at the End of Time Morgoth would wage a final battle against the Valar, the Final Battle, and that Túrin Turambar reincarnated would plunge Gurthang into Morgoth's heart and defeat him once and for all, exterminating evil forever, and avenging the Children of Húrin. The supposed resemblance of Túrin to figures from medieval tales can be confirmed by part of a letter Tolkien wrote to Milton Waldman, a publisher, concerning the publication of his works.

    The name Túrin means "he who desires mastery", from the Sindarin words tûr ("power, mastery, lord") and ind (desire, heart"). In Quenya, his name becomes Turindo, from tur ("master") and indo("mood"). Turambar means "Master of Doom", from the Quenya tur ("master") and ambar("doom").

    ↑ The History of Middle-earth, Vol. XI: The War of the Jewels, Part One: The Grey Annals
    ↑ The Children of Húrin, Narn i Chîn Húrin, The Tale of the Children of Húrin, I: "The Childhood of Túrin"
    ↑ Unfinished Tales, Part One: The First Age, II: "Narn i Chîn Húrin" (The Tale of the Children of Húrin)
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  2. Túrin II | The One Wiki to Rule Them All | Fandom › wiki › Túrin_II

    Túrin II was the twenty-third Ruling Steward of Gondor.[2] 1 Biography 2 Etymology 3 House of Húrin 4 Translations 5 References Born in TA 2815, Túrin II was the son of Thorondir, who died in TA 2882. Túrin then succeeded him as the twenty-third Ruling Steward.[2]In TA 2885 Túrin fought the Haradrim at the Crossings of Poros in South Ithilien with the aid of a contingent of Rohirrim led ...

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  4. Turin Telimektar | LOTR Fanon | Fandom › wiki › Turin_Telimektar

    Turin Telimektar (Q. 'swordsman of the sky'), was the divine form of Turin Turambar, the great hero of the First Age. After death, the souls of himself and his sister Nienor immersed themselves in the Fôs Almir, the bath of flame, becoming gods and Valar. As a Vala, Turin shall slay Morgoth in the Great Wrack at the end of time.

  5. Túrin Turambar | Wiki | LOTR Amino › c › lotr

    Túrin Turambar was an Adan of the House of Hador and a Man of Middle-earth, who became a tragic hero (or anti-hero) of the First Age, in the tale called Narn i Chîn Húrin ("The Tale of the Children of Húrin").

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  6. Húrin | The One Wiki to Rule Them All | Fandom › wiki › Húrin

    Men of Dor-lómin Húrin, known also as Húrin Thalion or once Úmarth, was a hero of Men during the First Age. He was the father of the tragic Túrin Turambar. According to The Silmarillion, he was the greatest warrior of Men in the First Age.

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  7. Turin, son of Hurin, Turambar, The Black Blade. His is one of Tolkien’s most heartbreaking, yet one of the most compelling. Son of the greatest hero among me...

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  8. Beleg | The One Wiki to Rule Them All | Fandom › wiki › Beleg
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    Beleg "followed no man", and "could not be restrained". He and his friend Mablung were the only Elves of Doriath to fight with the Union of Maedhros in the Nirnaeth Arnoediad, as KingThingol would have nothing to do with the war. Together with Mablung he was one of the great captains of the Sindar, and he was part of the Hunting of the Great Wolf Carcharoth during the trials of Beren and Lúthien. Later, he became a good friend and brother-in-arms of Túrin Turambar, a young Man of Dor-lómin. When Túrin left Doriath, Beleg got permission from Thingol to follow him into exile and bring him the king's pardon, wielding the black sword Anglachel that Eöl had forged and given to Thingol in tribute. Beleg found the band of outlaws Túrin was leading whilerin was away scouting, and was tortured by some of them untilrin found and released him. Unable to persuade Túrin to return to Doriath with him, Beleg returned to King Thingol and gained permission to join Túrin in his free exploits. H...

    He wielded the sword Anglachel, forged by Eol, and given to Beleg by King Thingol. His bow was called Belthronding and his arrow was Dailir.

    In early writings, Beleg was not immediately killed by Túrin. After an ambush, Túrin was taken alive and Beleg was left for dead. He was eventually healed of his wounds by Melian, which allowed him to continue in search for his friend. He came upon Gwindor in Taur-nu-Fuin, and together they rescued Túrin. However, Túrin slew Beleg by misadventure.

    ↑ The History of Middle-earth, Vol. 11: The War of the Jewels, Part One. The Grey Annals
    ↑ The Silmarillion, Quenta Silmarillion, Chapter XVIII: "Of the Ruin of Beleriand and the Fall of Fingolfin"
    ↑ The Silmarillion, Quenta Silmarillion, Chapter XXI: "Of Túrin Turambar"
    ↑ The Silmarillion, Quenta Silmarillion, Chapter XX: "Of the Fifth Battle: Nirnaeth Arnoediad"
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  9. Turin son of Hurin : lotr › r › lotr

    I've always viewed it as this, the Hobbit is the comedy feel good adventure, Lotr is the massive epic drama that is both parts good and evil, while Children of Hurin is the tragedy, all 3 archetypical stories in one amazing universe.

  10. Interactive Map of Beleriand - LotrProject › map › beleriand

    This is a high resolution interactive map of Beleriand. In the menu to the right you can show events, places and character movements. The map is currently showing events and Tuor's journey to Gondolin.

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