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  2. The Sun symbolizes the greatness of the Ottoman state, Green medallion on the Sun with the sultan's seal (tughra) within symbolizes the great Ottoman dynasty, Green hilal (crescent) below the tughra symbolizes the Ottoman state as the guardian of all Muslims in the world, Below the central shield are torches and a bow and arrows,

  3. The typical military sign of the Ottoman Empire, known as "Arma" in Turkish, is formed by various (about 30) different elements all symbolizing something. [4] Later, when the Ottoman Empire conquered the city (then called Constantinople) around the year 1450, they adopted the city's flag and its symbol. [5]

  4. After the foundation of the Republic of Turkey in 1923, the government maintained the last flag of the Ottoman Empire. Proportional standardisations were introduced in the Turkish Flag Law ( Turkish: Türk Bayrağı Kanunu) of 29 May 1936. Army banner with crescent, as depicted in a 1721 illustration to 'Ata'i's Hamse

  5. Ottoman Empire Emblem , ( Old Turkish Symbol ). Ottoman Empire Symbol. ISTANBUL - AUG 31 : The Grand Bazaar Entrance - Ottoman Empire Symbol on August 31, 2013, Istanbul, Turkey

  6. Ottoman Empire symbol is a crossword puzzle clue. ... Turkish topper; Shriner's chapeau; Recent usage in crossword puzzles: LA Times - Aug. 14, 2021 .

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