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      • to switch the lights from on to off; to come to a satisfactory end; being evicted or refused service; to remove something from a mold; prove to be the case; come to light; become known; become apparent; be revealed / disclosed; Example Sentences. They had fewer people turn out for their party than they anticipated.
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    What is the verb of turn out the lights?

    What does it mean when someone says turn off the lights?

    What is the meaning of turn out?

    What is the difference between'turn off the light'and'turn out the light'?

  2. Jan 28, 2012 · Turn out in turn out the lights is idiomatic. Turn off is a general verb for turning off almost any device. The meaning of both is equally the same and there isn't any difference at all, but non-native speakers may not be aware of the idiomatic one and therefore may find it unusual. The less capable ones may not understand the idiom at all.

  3. Shut off, as in He turned out the light. [Late 1800s] 2. Arrive or assemble for an event, as in A large number of voters turned out for the rally. [Mid-1700s] 3. Produce, as in They turn out three thousand cars a month. [Mid-1700s] 4.

  4. The meaning of TURNOUT is the number of people who participate in or attend an event. How to use turnout in a sentence.

  5. Sep 19, 2014 · The chorus as a whole probably symbolizes his desire for real friends, and his daydream of leaving his old friends behind to spare himself from trouble.

  6. Whereas Americans seem to use “turn off the light” to mean a more abstract concept, that which enables us to see things*, and so their singular term applies regardless of the number of point sources. * Turns out, “light” is hard to define in a sentance. The dictionary definition is “the natural agent that stimulates sight and makes t

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