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  1. Learn the definition of 'turn out the light'. Check out the pronunciation, synonyms and grammar. Browse the use examples 'turn out the light' in the great English corpus.

  2. ‘It was the first time ever in the history they turned the lights out on the Strip for a minute-and-a - half.’ ‘The staff locked all the doors turned the lights out and went home at around 4pm last Friday.’ ‘My senior year, they were telling me I had to turn my lights out?’ ‘She starts calling out to people to turn their lights ...

  3. None really. There are many words interchangeable in this highly complex & intricate language born of the British isles. up/ in/ on down/ out/ off This may be the main difference, colloquial or regional usage.

  4. to switch a light or a source of heat off. Remember to turn out the lights when you go to bed. (British English) to clean something carefully and completely by removing the contents and organizing them again. to turn out the attic; to empty something, especially your pockets

  5. Sep 08, 2021 · turn out in British English. verb (adverb) 1. (transitive) to cause (something, esp a light) to cease operating by or as if by turning a knob, etc. 2. (transitive) to produce by an effort or process. she turned out 50 units per hour. 3. (transitive) to dismiss, discharge, or expel.

  6. 1.1. End, happen, or develop in a particular way. ‘I have been fretting about how my own daughter will turn out’. More example sentences. ‘he firmly believes things will turn out well’. transpire, prove to be the case, emerge, come to light, become known, become apparent, be revealed, be disclosed. happen, occur, come about.

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