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    • Scrolling through a Facebook feed full of more kids than keg stands. Is it a cheap strategy for Facebook likes, or genuine parental pride that causes the new parents on your Facebook feed to post a picture of their babies first everything?
    • Dyeing your hair to cover gray roots instead of to turn it purple. Covering gray roots used to be a thing you associated with old ladies. Now it’s a thing you do every six weeks.
    • “Self-care” is much more than drinking water when you’re hungover. Yoga. Meditation. Jogging. These used to be things you associated with “holier-than-thou” perfect people who just had to one-up all the other lazy folks.
    • Seeing your roommate’s hair in the shower and having an existential crisis about future home ownership. Yep. There comes a time when living with strangers isn’t a “fun adventure” anymore.
    • Amy Odell
    • Editor
    • It's not the Hunger Games, it's an age. A number. A nice round one with a zero at the end of it and, sure, a finality to it — the end of something, that something being your 20s — but it's also the beginning of a new decade of your life.
    • You will stop caring about your weight. So wherever you are now age-wise, so long as you're healthy, just stop caring about it. Your thoughts are better spent on other things, like what you're doing after work.
    • You will have an epic 30th birthday party. Your friends will travel to a beach house for a whole weekend for your 30th. Or they'll start drinking with you at 5 and stay out with you until you're so drunk that you're actually paying for PBR.
    • You will start to value different things. Clubbing, for instance, will make you want to die in a hole. Having some "fuck you" money in savings account, on the other hand, will have you be like
  1. Aug 12, 2012 · Sixteen-year-olds equate it to something akin to the apocalypse — an instant death of youth, soft supple skin, and free-range irresponsibility. Twenty-somethings see it only as the dreaded next...

    • Metabolism slows down. This may very well be the most well known change in your body, but it is still one worth noting regardless. As we welcome our 30s, we see the start of a slowing metabolism, or the method by which the body turns food into energy.
    • Stiff Joints and bone thinning. We've all been there. You wake up in the morning and everything feels extra stiff, you're feeling more sore from yesterday's workout, and you start noticing more cracks and crunches as you walk, bend over or squat down.
    • The appearance of wrinkles. We all know at some point those dreaded wrinkles are going to begin to appear, and it's not uncommon for them to start showing during our 30s, but Robin Ashinoff, MD, a dermatologist at the Hackensack University Medical Center in New Jersey, says "with the information and technologies we have today, you really can look as young as you feel."
    • Decreased fertility and hormone changes. You've heard the saying, "Your biological clock is ticking," right? Maybe this is an issue with you and maybe it isn't.
  2. Feb 22, 2020 · The big 3-0 can be a cause for huge celebration. It's a great time to reflect on where you are in life, and set goals for your future. For many, it's also when you start to notice aches and pains...

  3. Sep 27, 2018 · Thirty is a milestone year, but most people have not figured out their life by 30. You don't have to have your dream job, dream home, dream partner and dream life that society says you should...

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