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    Tuvalu ( / tuːˈvɑːluː / ( listen) too-VAH-loo or / ˈtuːvəluː / TOO-və-loo; [5] formerly known as the Ellice Islands) is an island country in the Polynesian subregion of Oceania in the Pacific Ocean. Its islands are situated about midway between Hawaii and Australia.

  2. Tuvalu, formerly Ellice Islands, country in the west-central Pacific Ocean. It is composed of nine small coral islands scattered in a chain lying approximately northwest to southeast over a distance of some 420 miles (676 km). The de facto capital is the village of Vaiaku, where most government offices are located. It is on Fongafale islet, a constituent part of Funafuti Atoll. Together with ...

  3. Aug 02, 2022 · The Tuvalu Trust Fund was established in 1987 to provide a longterm economic future for the country. In 2000, Tuvalu negotiated a contract leasing its Internet domain name ".tv" for $50 million in royalties over a 12-year period. The contract was renewed in 2011 for a ten-year period. Tuvalu’s isolation means it sees few tourists; in 2020 ...

  4. To Timeless Tuvalu. Our. Paradise. Is. Waiting. As one of the smallest and most remote nations in the world, this unspoiled corner of the Pacific offers a peaceful, and non-commercialized environment that is ideal for rest and relaxation. The spectacular marine environment consisting of a vast expanse of ocean interspersed with atolls ...

  5. Feb 24, 2021 · Tuvalu is administratively divided into 7 island councils and 1 town council. In alphabetical order, the island councils are Nanumanga, Nanumea, Niutao, Nui, Nukufetau, Nukulaelae, and Vaitupu. Funafuti is the town council. Covering a total land area of only 26 sq. km, Tuvalu is a Polynesian island nation located in the west-central Pacific Ocean.

    • Tuvaluan dollars or Australian dollars (AUD)
    • 11,646
    • 26.00 km 2
    • 26.00 km 2
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