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    What TV shows are on Hulu?

    What are some popular shows on Hulu?

    How do you watch TV shows on Hulu?

    What networks are available on Hulu?

  2. Start a Free Trial to watch your favorite popular TV shows on Hulu including Seinfeld, Bob's Burgers, This Is Us, Modern Family, and thousands more. It's all on Hulu.

  3. Trending on Hulu
    • Manifest (TV-14)

      Manifest (TV-14)

      When a routine flight lands, the 191 souls on board find out they've been missing for five years.

    • The Tax Collector (2020)

      The Tax Collector (2020)

      Two enforcers for a crime lord face an uncertain future when an old rival reappears.

    • Law & Order: Organized Crime (TV-14)

      Law & Order: Organized Crime (TV-14)

      Detective Elliot Stabler returns to the NYPD to take on the city's most powerful crime syndicates.

    • Sputnik (2020)

      Sputnik (2020)

      Summoned to a secluded research facility, a controversial young doctor examines a cosmonaut who returned to Earth with an alien parasite inside of him.

    • Parks and Recreation (TV-PG)

      Parks and Recreation (TV-PG)

      A midlevel bureaucrat works tirelessly toward improving her hometown.

    • Grand Isle (2020)

      Grand Isle (2020)

      Walter and his neglected wife lure a young stranger into their Victorian home to escape from a hurricane. When the man is charged with murder by Detective Jones, he must reveal the couple's wicked secrets to save himself.

    • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (TV-PG)

      Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (TV-PG)

      Capt. Benson and her NYPD squad fight for justice in cases ripped straight from the headlines.

    • Gemini Man (2019)

      Gemini Man (2019)

      Henry Brogan is an elite assassin who becomes the target of a mysterious operative who can seemingly predict his every move. To his horror, he soon learns that the man who's trying to kill him is a younger, faster, cloned version of himself.

    • Attack on Titan (TV-MA)

      Attack on Titan (TV-MA)

      Three friends join the Survey Corps to try to take their world back from the Titans.

    • Alone (2020)

      Alone (2020)

      A cold-blooded killer hunts a widow in the wilderness after she escapes from his remote cabin in the Pacific Northwest.

    • The Moodys (TV-14)

      The Moodys (TV-14)

      A tight-knit but slightly dysfunctional family of five gathers for various misadventures.

    • The Courier (2019)

      The Courier (2019)

      A courier in London discovers that one of the packages she's transporting is a bomb.

    • The Moodys (TV-14)

      The Moodys (TV-14)

      A tight-knit but slightly dysfunctional family of five gathers for various misadventures.

    • Run (2020)

      Run (2020)

      Chloe was raised by her mother Diane in total isolation. Her mother has totally controlled her since she was born, but now as a teenager Chloe is starting to explore her mother's secrets.

    • Fargo (TV-MA)

      Fargo (TV-MA)

      A new case and characters are followed each season in this anthology series set in the Midwest.

    • Intersect (2020)

      Intersect (2020)

      Mysterious unseen forces manipulate a group of time-traveling scientists.

    • Rick and Morty (TV-MA)

      Rick and Morty (TV-MA)

      A father suddenly appears at his adult daughter's doorstep, 20 years after disappearing.

    • The Rhythm Section (2020, R)

      The Rhythm Section (2020, R)

      Stephanie Patrick veers down a path of self-destruction after a tragic plane crash kills her family. When Stephanie discovers it wasn't an accident, she soon embarks on a bloody quest for revenge to punish those responsible.

    • The Handmaid's Tale (TV-MA)

      The Handmaid's Tale (TV-MA)

      A woman forced into sexual servitude struggles to survive in a terrifying, totalitarian society.

    • Nomadland (2021)

      Nomadland (2021)

      A woman embarks on a journey through the American West after losing everything during the recession.

    Hulu New Releases
    • Sister Aimee (2019)

      Sister Aimee (2019)

      In 1926, the world's most famous evangelist, Sister Aimee Semple McPherson, fakes her own death in order to run away to Mexico, and hires Rey, a former Mexican Soldadera turned smuggler, to help them cross the border.

      Available Now

    • Collective (2020)

      Collective (2020)

      Journalists uncover health care fraud in the wake of a deadly nightclub fire in Bucharest, Romania, in 2015.

      Available Now

    • Into the Arms of Strangers: Stories of the Kindertransport (2000, PG)

      Into the Arms of Strangers: Stories of the Kindertransport (2000, PG)

      Filmmaker Mark Jonathan Harris documents the efforts to save Jewish children from Nazis in pre-World War II Europe by sending them to England. Narrated by Judi Dench.

      Available Now

    • A Hologram for the King (2016, R)

      A Hologram for the King (2016, R)

      A beautiful doctor (Sarita Choudhury) and a wise-cracking taxi driver (Alexander Black) help an American businessman (Tom Hanks) who's trying to close the deal of a lifetime in Saudi Arabia.

      Available Now

    • The Upside (2019, PG-13)

      The Upside (2019, PG-13)

      A wealthy quadriplegic hires a struggling parolee to be his caretaker in his upscale New York penthouse. Despite coming from two different worlds, an unlikely friendship starts to blossom as both men rediscover the joy of living life to the fullest.

      Available Now

    • Undercover Billionaire (TV-PG)

      Undercover Billionaire (TV-PG)

      A billionaire goes undercover to see if he can make a million-dollar company in just 90 days.

      Available Now

    • Girl with a Pearl Earring (2004, PG-13)

      Girl with a Pearl Earring (2004, PG-13)

      Dutch artist Johannes Vermeer (Colin Firth) paints a portrait of a teenage maid (Scarlett Johansson) who works in his home in the 17th century.

      Available Now

    • The Color Purple (1986, PG-13)

      The Color Purple (1986, PG-13)

      A black Southern woman (Whoopi Goldberg) struggles to find her identity after suffering years of abuse from her father and others over 40 years.

      Available Now

    • Young Sherlock Holmes (1985, PG-13)

      Young Sherlock Holmes (1985, PG-13)

      Victorian London schoolboys Holmes (Nicholas Rowe) and Watson (Alan Cox) become friends while in pursuit of a lethal pagan cult.

      Available Now

    • Chopped (TV-G)

      Chopped (TV-G)

      Chefs use their culinary skills to impress a panel of experts.

      Available Now

    • A Simple Plan (1999, R)

      A Simple Plan (1999, R)

      A Minnesotan (Bill Paxton), his dimwitted brother (Billy Bob Thornton) and his brother's redneck friend (Brent Briscoe) find and decide to keep $4 million.

      Available Now

    • Platoon (1987, R)

      Platoon (1987, R)

      Two sergeants (Tom Berenger, Willem Dafoe) and a private (Charlie Sheen) join others lost in war along the 1967 Cambodian border.

      Available Now

    • Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives (TV-G)

      Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives (TV-G)

      Guy Fieri drives coast to coast, sampling classic road food.

      Available Now

    • Home Economics (TV-PG)

      Home Economics (TV-PG)

      A look at the heartwarming, but sometimes frustrating relationship between three adult siblings.

      Available Now

    • Wild Mountain Thyme (2020)

      Wild Mountain Thyme (2020)

      Rosemary has her heart set on winning Anthony's affections. Having been stung by his father's plan to sell his farm in Ireland to his American nephew, Anthony is jolted into pursuing his dreams.

      Avail. from Apr 25

    Hulu Originals
    • Boss Level (2021)

      Boss Level (2021)

      A retired military operative finds himself in a never-ending time loop on the day of his death.

    • Kid 90 (2021)

      Kid 90 (2021)

      A look at young Hollywood stars growing up in the 1990s, using hundreds of hours of footage captured by a teenaged Soleil Moon Frye.

    • Solar Opposites (TV-MA)

      Solar Opposites (TV-MA)

      A family of aliens from a better world must take refuge in middle America.

    • Into the Dark

      Into the Dark

      A horror anthology series with each episode inspired by a holiday.

    • WeWork: Or the Making and Breaking of a $47 Billion Unicorn (2021)

      WeWork: Or the Making and Breaking of a $47 Billion Unicorn (2021)

      The rise and fall of one of the biggest corporate flameouts and venture capitalist bubbles in recent years -- the story of WeWork, and its hippie-messianic leader Adam Neumann.

    • Sasquatch


      David Holthouse hunts for evidence of a savage Bigfoot attack.

    • The Handmaid's Tale (TV-MA)

      The Handmaid's Tale (TV-MA)

      A woman forced into sexual servitude struggles to survive in a terrifying, totalitarian society.

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    Start a free, no commitment 30-day trial to watch all of Hulu's Original TV series and movies across various genres, including The Handmaid's Tale, Future Man, The Looming Tower, Marvel's Runaways, The Path, and many more.

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    Mar 19, 2021 · Hulu has plenty of free TV shows on its streaming service. The best ones include Lost, Devs, High Fidelity, The Handmaid’s Tale, Frasier, Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist, Twin Peaks, The X-Files ...

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  6. Oct 12, 2020 · The service produces its own original series, with a growing slate of content that includes ...

    Year of release
    .hack//Roots Season 1
    12 Monkeys Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 4
    ActionDramaAdventureFantasyTime TravelScience Fiction
    24 Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 4 Season 5 Season 6 Season 7 Season 8 Season 9
    24 Legacy Season 1
  7. See what's on Hulu and streaming on-demand. Browse thousands of TV shows and movies including Originals, exclusives, new releases and classics. Browse content from networks like ABC, NBC, Fox, HBO, and more.

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    Apr 09, 2021 · The 53 best shows on Hulu right now By Nick Perry and Christine Persaud April 2, 2021 From entire seasons of legacy network television series to engaging new originals and new day-and-date episodes...

  9. Apr 01, 2021 · Watch on Hulu Equality is at the heart of Mrs. America. The series, which starts in 1971 and runs through 1979, examines the national debate taking place over the Equal Rights Amendment, meant to...

  10. Best Hulu Shows to Binge-Watch Now (April 2021) << Rotten ... › guide › best-hulu

    Apr 01, 2021 · The top shows on Hulu include some of the most prestigious and binge-worthy series out there. The Handmaid’s Tale ’s instant success helped establish itself as one of the best shows on Hulu and the...

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