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  1. The twelfth night summary indulges in this Elizabethan comedy of events revolving around deceit, gender disguise, separated twins, mistaken identity and unrequited love. Most characters in the twelfth night also called “or what you will’ are defined by the representations of their dual personalities.

  2. Through a feminist lens Twelfth Night can in fact be seen as a feminist play, the main character is a “woman who dresses as a man to find work and a living, this c an be seen as anti-feminist because she needs to dress as a man in order to find work but it is a brave decision.

  3. Guide provide practical, classroom-tested approaches for using performance-based teaching techniques. We have also included a Synopsis, a Fact Sheet,

  4. Class struggle and social standing is a prominent theme of this play. It is explored by the following characters: Malvolio, Sir Andrew Aguecheek, Sebastian and Maria. Malvolio, a steward, desires to marry Olivia and become the Count. It shows his struggle to be a part of noble class.

  5. of the writing of ‘Twelfth Night’. It is to be used to support students’ further study into. the background of Shakespear e and his life. This secti on also includes a simple. chronology ...

  6. 17 - TWELFTH NIGHT • ACT TWO Scene 2 WORKSHEET 2.2 The Puzzle of the Ring - a Soliloquy. Author: Hilary Burningham. Publisher: Evans Brothers. ISBN: 0237518732. Category: Education. Page: 48. View: 901. Read Now » The books in this series provide support material to help students and teachers in the study of Shakespeare.

  7. outward character: looks can deceive, but I think you as honest as you seem 52 I prithee: Please [‘I pray you’] 52 bounteously: generously 53 Conceal me what I am: help me disguise myself 54–5 haply shall … my intent: will suit my purposes 56 eunuch: a man castrated as a boy to keep a high singing voice 57 be worth thy pains: reward you

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