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  1. outward character: looks can deceive, but I think you as honest as you seem 52 I prithee: Please [‘I pray you’] 52 bounteously: generously 53 Conceal me what I am: help me disguise myself 54–5 haply shall … my intent: will suit my purposes 56 eunuch: a man castrated as a boy to keep a high singing voice 57 be worth thy pains: reward you

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  2. Sir Toby. Olivia's vulgar uncle, a drunkard, lives at and leeches off of her house. Sir Toby's crass double entendres and sex jokes offer an earthy contrast to Orsino 's flowery love-poetry, and his antics help to overthrow Malvolio's efforts to impose order. Sir Toby eventually marries Olivia's lady-in-waiting, Maria .

  3. A duke who is noble in name and character. VIOLA What’s his name? CAPTAIN Orsino. VIOLA Orsino. I’ve heard my father mention him. When I first heard about him, he was still a bachelor. CAPTAIN He’s still a bachelor, or at least he was a month ago, when I left. But there was a rumor—you

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  5. Download Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night from The Folger Shakespeare in XML, HTML, PDF, DOC, and more! Free to use for all non-commercial purposes.

  6. Shakespeare's Twelfth Night: Disguise, Gender Roles, and Goal Setting Shakespeare is perhaps the greatest playwright that ever lived. His plays were fascinating and brilliantly written. In Shakespeare's plays, one notable character wears a literal disguise to accomplish a goal, while others use figurative disguises (Markels 63).

  7. Jul 26, 2020 · Analysis of William Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night By NASRULLAH MAMBROL on July 26, 2020 • ( 0) Twelfth Night is the climax of Shakespeare’s early achievement in comedy. The effects and values of the earlier comedies are here subtly embodied in the most complex structure which Shakespeare had yet created.

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