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  1. Entrepreneurship - Wikipedia › wiki › Entrepreneurship

    Entrepreneurship is the creation or extraction of value. With this definition, entrepreneurship is viewed as change, generally entailing risk beyond what is normally encountered in starting a business, which may include other values than simply economic ones. More narrow definitions have described entrepreneurship as the process of designing ...

  2. Small business - Wikipedia › Types_of_small_entrepreneurship

    Some of this misunderstanding arises from the failure to distinguish between small business managers as entrepreneurs or capitalists. While nearly all owner-managers of small firms are obliged to assume the role of capitalist, only a minority will act as entrepreneur.

  3. Corporate social entrepreneurship - Wikipedia › wiki › Corporate_Social

    Term corporate social entrepreneur was defined and differentiated from other types of entrepreneurs such as the executive entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs (Pinchot, 1985), the policy entrepreneur, and the public or social entrepreneur.

  4. What is Entrepreneurship? Meaning, Types, Characteristics ... › commerce › what-is-entrepreneurship

    What are the 4 Types of Entrepreneurship? It is classified into the following types: Small Business Entrepreneurship-These businesses are a hairdresser, grocery store, travel agent, consultant, carpenter, plumber, electrician, etc. These people run or own their own business and hire family members or local employee.

  5. The 9 Different Types of Entrepreneurship | › types-of-entrepreneurship

    Feb 22, 2021 · Entrepreneurs are people who have a passion for creating change in the world. They need a certain set of skills to be effective leaders and innovators. Since there are so many types of businesses, there are also many kinds of entrepreneurship. In this article, we discuss the nine most common types of entrepreneurship.

  6. 9 Types of Entrepreneurship - › entrepreneurship-types
    • Administrative Entrepreneurship. The entrepreneurial activity under this category is centered around administrative techniques and functions. It gives a new option to handle prevailing or future situations in a more effective way that provides advantages and a competitive edge.
    • Opportunistic entrepreneurship. There is a proverb “Hit! while the iron is hot”. It is the best exhibit of the characteristic of this category of entrepreneurship.
    • Acquisitive entrepreneurship. The entrepreneurship that learns from other competencies is called acquisitive entrepreneurship. It acquires something new of value front, the competitive environment or achieves the competitors’ technical capacities.
    • Incubative entrepreneurship. This category of entrepreneurship generates and nurses new ideas and ventures within the organization. It productively executes them and ensures material gain for the organization.
  7. Classification of Entrepreneurs - Yu-kai Chou › entrepreneurship › classifications
    • Solo-Service Entrepreneur. Usually a sole proprietorship (just him/herself) with friends as customers. It’s most often a service that requires time but little or no investment.
    • Commodity Entrepreneur. These are entrepreneurs who make healthy investments to start something that is somewhat saturated in the market.
    • Network Marketing & Franchise Entrepreneur. For those who don’t know, network marketing is the pyramid way of doing business, where you do business, and you recruit other people to run divisions under you.
    • Opportunity Entrepreneur. Opportunity Entrepreneurs look at the newest trends, figure out what works, and do it. They usually identify some competitive advantage and start something that exists, except better.
  8. Types of Entrepreneurship with Examples - Best 26 Categories › types-of-entrepreneurship-examples

    Apr 19, 2020 · Examples of cultural entrepreneurs are writers, artists, musicians, dancers, actors, advertisers, and newer TV/music producers, game developers, graphic designers, and bloggers. Besides these entrepreneurship types, we can categorize entrepreneurship in different ways—for instance, demographic types, economic types, ethical types, etc.

  9. Top 10 Types of Entrepreneurs – Explained! › entrepreneur › top-10
    • Based on the Type of Business: 1. Trading Entrepreneur: As the name itself suggests, the trading entrepreneur undertake the trading activities. They procure the finished products from the manufacturers and sell these to the customers directly or through a retailer.
    • Based on the Use of Technology: 1. Technical Entrepreneur: The entrepreneurs who establish and run science and technology-based industries are called ‘technical entrepreneurs.’
    • Based on Ownership: 1. Private Entrepreneur: ADVERTISEMENTS: A private entrepreneur is one who as an individual sets up a business enterprise. He / she it’s the sole owner of the enterprise and bears the entire risk involved in it.
    • Based on Gender: 1. Men Entrepreneurs: When business enterprises are owned, managed, and controlled by men, these are called ‘men entrepreneurs.’ 2. Women Entrepreneurs
  10. The 5 Types of Entrepreneurs › article › 244210
    • Kimanzi Constable
    • The skeptical entrepreneur. This entrepreneur sees the success of others and immediately starts to question it. They examine that person's business and looks for the “lucky” breaks, or inheritance they think that successful entrepreneur received.
    • The copycat entrepreneur. This entrepreneur sees the success of others and tries to copy them exactly. Their website is the same, their business cards are the same, and the way they present themself is the carbon copy of a leader in their industry.
    • The research entrepreneur. This entrepreneur loves to learn. They research every possible scenario and outcome for strategies to start or grow a business.
    • The determined entrepreneur. This entrepreneur hasn’t “made it” but they will, no matter what. They see the value in entrepreneurship, they see that success is possible without copying, and they do everything they can to start or grow their business.
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