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    • Some of the patterns are:

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      • Checkerboard Pattern: This is a type of settlement found generally at the junction of two roads. ...
      • Elongated Pattern: Such settlement occurs as a result of elongation of the rectangular pattern due to influence of site features. ...
      • Fan Shaped Pattern: This pattern can be seen where some focal points or line is situated at one end of the village. ...
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  2. What Are Types of Human Settlements? - Reference › world-view › types-human

    Apr 05, 2020 · Types of rural settlements may also be classified by function, such as proximity to farming, fishing and mining. Settlements that focus on one economic activity are called single functional settlements. Human settlements may be permanent or temporary. For example, a refugee camp is a temporary settlement, while a city is a permanent settlement.

  3. 2 Types of human settlement - FREE GEOGRAPHY NOTES › 2015 › 03

    Also settlement can be defined as organised human habitation it can be a single home or bustling metropolis.

  4. Human Settlements: Types and Patterns | Geography Revision › gcse › urbanisation

    You may call it a village, a city or a town; all are patterns of human settlements. The study of human settlements is essential to human geography because the form of settlement in any particular region reflects a human relationship with the environment. A human settlement is defined as a region populated more or less permanently.

  5. Human Settlement: Types of Urban Settlements, Classification ... › NIOS-Notes › Senior-Secondary
    • Classification Based on Population Size
    • Functional Classification
    • Ashok Mitra՚S Functional Classification of Indian Cities

    According to the population size, Census of India classifies urban centres into six classes. Class wise urban settlements and their population are given below in a tabular form. Classification of Urban Settlement There is another classification of urban settlements. The classification is as follows:

    This is the most popular and widely accepted classification of urban places in India as well as in other parts of the world. In India various scholars attempted to classify urban centres on the basis of functions. But the most popular and widely accepted functional classification was given by Ashok Mitra, a noted demographer and the then Registrar General of India.

    Ashok Mitra՚s classification is based on the categories of workers classification available in the Census of 1961 and 1971. Functional classification of towns and cities could not be used in 1981 Census due to non-availability of town level data based on industrial classification of workers into nine industrial categories. In 1991, an effort was made to classify all urban places in terms of their functional character with slight modification by adjusting the industrial categories into five broad economic sectors. The classification is as follows: Functional Classification of Urban Places The procedure adopted for functional classification in 1991 Census was as follows: 1. For each Urban Agglomeration/town, the percentage of total main workers in each of the five sectors was worked out. 2. The functional category of the UA/town was then determined on the following basis: 2.1. If workers in one sector constituted 40 % or more, the UA/town was classified in the relevant mono-functional...

  6. Human settlement begins with a village through sedentary agriculture. Growth is evolutionary (gradual), it starts from nomadism to sedentary agriculture then the need for settlement became obvious with improvement in agriculture. Villages grew and became bigger and stronger.

  7. Human Settlement: Objectives, What is a Settlement? Types and ... › NIOS-Notes › Senior-Secondary
    • Objectives
    • What Is A Settlement?
    • Types and Patterns of Rural Settlements

    The major objectives of this chapter are: 1. To describe the meaning of settlement 2. To identify various types of rural settlements 3. To describe various house types in India 4. To establish the relationship between house types with relief, climate, and building materials 5. To define an urban area as given by the Census of India 6. To explain the functional classification of urban settlements as given by Census of India

    A settlement can be defined as any form of human habitation which ranges from a single dwelling to a large city. The word settlement is described as a process of opening up and settling of a previously uninhabited area by the people. In geography this process is also known as occupancy. Hence, settlement is a process of grouping of people and acquiring of some territory to build houses as well as for their economic support. Settlements can broadly be divided into two types – rural and urban. Some basic differences between rural and urban areas are: 1. Rural areas have predominantly primary activities, whereas urban areas have the domination of secondary and tertiary activities. 2. Generally, the rural areas have low density of population than their urban counterparts.

    Type refers to a category of things having some common features whereas pattern refers to a regular form or order in which a series of things occur. The term settlement pattern is strictly applied to the spatial arrangement or distribution of settlements within a given area. It differs from the settlement form. Settlement form relates more to the spatial characteristics of individual settlement. However, sometimes forms and patterns are used interchangeably. As far as type of rural settlements is concerned, it implies the degree of dispersion of the dwellings.

  8. Human Settlement - Types of Human Settlements - Definitions & Comparisons : Most people don't live completely alone. They live in cities, towns, and rural ar...

  9. 29 HUMAN SETTLEMENT - NIOS › media › documents

    MODULE - 9 Human Settlement Human resource development in India 302 GEOGRAPHY Notes of grouping of people and acquiring of some territory to build houses as well as for their economic support. Settlements can broadly be divided into two types rural and urban. Before discussing about meaning and types of rural and urban settlement in India, we

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  10. (PDF) HUMAN SETTLEMENT SYSTEMS - ResearchGate › publication › 310021451

    Jul 24, 2015 · morphogenesis, spread, distribution, patterns and types, with all these, settlement geographers attempt to explain the form, function and genesis of v arious kinds of human settlements.

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