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  2. Aug 15, 2020 · What are the types of languages in writing? There are eight common types of diction: Formal diction. Formal diction is the use of sophisticated language, without slang or colloquialisms. Informal diction. Pedantic diction. Colloquial diction. Slang diction. Abstract diction. Concrete diction. Poetic diction. What are the 4 main types of writing?

    • Argot. An argot is a language primarily developed to disguise conversation, originally because of a criminal enterprise, though the term is also used loosely to refer to informal jargon.
    • Cant. Cant is somewhat synonymous with argotand jargonand refers to the vocabulary of an in-group that uses it to deceive or exclude nonusers.
    • Colloquial Language. Anything not employed in formal writing or conversation, including terms that might fall under one or more of most of the other categories in this list, is a colloquialism.
    • Creole. A creole is a more sophisticated development of a pidgin, derived from two or more parent languages and used by people all ages as a native language.
  3. Below is a list of languages sorted by writing system (by alphabetical order). Adlam alphabet Fulfulde/Pular Afaka syllabary Ndyuka (on occasion) Anatolian alphabets Anatolian languages (extinct) Arabic script Acehnese (on occasion, after the colonization by the Dutch) Adyghe (before 1927 and Latin script [1927–1938], now uses the Cyrillic script)

  4. This is a list of languages which uses writing system to sort. Arabic script Arabic Azeri (Iran) Balochi Berber Bosnian (also Cyrillic script and Latin script) Fulani (on occasion) Hausa (on occasion) Judaeo-Spanish (until the 20th century) Kanuri (on occasion) Kashmiri Kazakh in China Kurdish (Iran and Iraq) Malagasy (until the 19th century)

  5. arabic, balinese, baybayin, burmese, canadian aboriginal syllabics, chinese, coptic, cuneiform, cyrillic, devanagari, eastern nagari / bengali, ge'ez (ethiopic), greek, georgian, gujarati, gurmukhi, hebrew, javanese, japanese, kannada, kawi, kharosthi, kathi, khojki, lao, latin, lontara, malayalam, manchu, mongolian, mwangwego, n'ko, odia …

    Writing System
    Used To Write
    Adamaua Fulfulde , Afrikaans , Arabic ...
    Iloko (Ilocano), Kapampangan, Tagalog
    Aiton , Arakanese, Burmese, Jingpho , ...
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