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  1. Other symptoms of typhoid fever and paratyphoid fever include. Weakness. Stomach pain. Headache. Diarrhea or constipation. Cough. Loss of appetite. Some people with typhoid fever or paratyphoid fever develop a rash of flat, rose-colored spots.

  2. symptoms include sustained fever, chills and abdominal pain. The non-specific symptom profile complicates clinical diagnosis, with symptoms that are common to other diseases occurring in typhoid-endemic areas. The mainstay for laboratory confirmation is blood

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  4. Jan 02, 2012 · Disease Case Report (CD-1) PDF format Word format Record of Investigation of Enteric Illness (CD-2C) Typhoid and Paratyphoid Surveillance Form (CDC 52.5E) Missouri Outbreak Surveillance Report (CD-51) Missouri Typhoid Carrier Record (CD -3) Missouri Typhoid Carrier Agreement (CD -3A)

  5. Symptoms of Typhoid Fever. The first symptoms appear after about six days to one month after the bacteria enter the system. These include: Very high fever which steadily climbs up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit over the period of many days. Rose-colored rash spots start appearing around the abdomen and the neck area. Steadily increasing weakness

  6. Jun 05, 2015 · hat Are the Symptoms of Typhoid Fever? The incubation period is usually 1-2 weeks, and the duration of the illness is about 3-4 weeks. Symptoms include: Poor appetite Headaches Generalized aches and pains Fever as high as 104 degrees Farenheit Lethargy Diarrhea Chest congestion develops in many people, and abdominal pain and discomfort are common.

  7. Urdu Word: TYPHOID FEVER Verb: ٹائیفائیڈ ایک متعدی بیماری ( بخار) جو خوراک کی خرابی دودھ اور غیر صاف پینے کے پانی کی سبب لگتی ہے ۔ اس کے جراثیم ۔ سال مونیلا ٹائیفی ۔ اس مرض کے باعث ہوتے ہیں ۔

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