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  1. UCLA Phonetics Lab Databases and Physiology Resources

    Roy Becker's vowel corpus (an .xlsx file, see his 2010 dissertation for a description of the database) Linguistic Voice Quality project archive (audio and EGG recordings, spreadsheet of measurements) BU Radio News corpus and Buckeye corpus are available on the internal T: drive; UPSID (UCLA Phonological Segment Inventory Database)

  2. UCLA Spring Sing - Wikipedia

    Spring Sing is an annual music competition held in May at UCLA's Pauley Pavilion.Touted as "UCLA's oldest and greatest musical tradition," the competition brings together UCLA students to perform as solo artists, duets, bands, and a cappella groups in front of an audience of over 8,000 UCLA students, alumni, faculty, staff and celebrity judges.

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  3. Hindustani phonology - Wikipedia

    Hindustani is the lingua franca of northern India and Pakistan, and through its two standardized registers, Hindi and Urdu, a co-official language of India and co-official and national language of Pakistan respectively. Phonological differences between the two standards are minimal.

  4. Hindi - University of California, Los Angeles

    return to contents page. return to chapter 12 index. Map of India. Hindi Stops

  5. Phonologic

    Phonological Processes in Hindi Speaking Typically Developing Children Across Rural and Urban Areas 190 ===== Language in India ISSN 1930-2940 Vol. 17:1 January 2017 ===== Phonological Processes in Hindi Speaking Typically Developing Children Across Rural and Urban Areas Ramandeep Kaur, MASLP Manish Anand, BASLP

  6. Acoustic correlates of breathy sonorants in Marathi ...

    Mar 01, 2019 · Typologically, several online databases can provide insight into the patterning of phonemic breathy voice. The UCLA Phonological Segment Inventory Database (UPSID) UCLA, 2018 indexes 451 languages, 13 of which (2.9% of the total) have breathy consonants.

  7. (PDF) Phonation types in Marathi: An acoustic investigation

    Breathy sonorants are cross-linguistically rare, occurring in just 1% of the languages indexed in the UCLA Phonological Segment Inventory Database (UPSID), and they are understudied: prior work ...

  8. Universals in Phonology

    in turn provided the database required to test for phonological universals. Specifically, such phonological investigations allowed Maddieson (1984, 1991) and Maddieson and Precoda (1990) to establish the UCLA Phonological Segment Inventory Database (UPSID), the most widely used database for typological and universal research in phonology.

  9. Phonology–orthography interface in Devanāgarī for Hindi*

    basis for an account of the phonetic and phonological underpinning in Hindi or-thography in § 4. The main features of the Devanāgarī script of Hindi are discussed in § 3. In § 5, I examine the nature of phonology-orthography interface in Hindi, and attempt to show that it is inconsistent with regard to the relevant phonologi-

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