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  1. UCLA Phonetics Lab Databases and Physiology Resources

    Roy Becker's vowel corpus (an .xlsx file, see his 2010 dissertation for a description of the database) Linguistic Voice Quality project archive (audio and EGG recordings, spreadsheet of measurements) BU Radio News corpus and Buckeye corpus are available on the internal T: drive; UPSID (UCLA Phonological Segment Inventory Database)

  2. Note: This is NOT the UCLA Phonetics Archive, completed in Dec. 2008 with NSF funding. This page (Phonetics Lab Data) is phonetics teaching materials compiled from the lab's collection by Peter and Jenny Ladefoged (originally "Sounds of the World's Languages").

  3. Stanford Libraries' official online search tool for books, media, journals, databases, government documents and more. UPSID, UCLA phonological segment inventory database : data and index in SearchWorks catalog

  4. UCLA Phonetics Lab Archive

    UCLA Phonetics Lab Archive

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  6. ucla phonological segment inventory database : definition of ... phonological segment...

    The UCLA Phonological Segment Inventory Database (or UPSID) is a statistical survey of the phoneme inventories in 451 of the world's languages. The database was created by American phonetician Ian Maddieson for the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) in 1984 and has been updated several times.

  7. UCLA Phonological Segment Inventory Database - EASY

    The UCLA Phonological Segment Inventory Database (UPSID) is a collection of phoneme inventories from 451 languages. Features such as manner, place, length, phonation type and secondary articulation are included.

  8. The Design of the UCLA Phonological Segment Inventory Database (UPSID) 10.1 Introduction. The discovery of generalizations concerning the content and structure of phonological inventories has been a significant objective of recent work in linguistics. A. Stanford Phonological Archive (SPA) 1.

  9. Web portal - Indiana University Phonetics Lab

    UCLA Phonological Segment Inventory Database: Searchable database of phonemes across the world's languages; World Phonotactics Database: Searchable database of phonotactic restrictions; Stress System Database: Information about primary stress patterns in the world's languages; The World Atlas of Language Structures Online: A large database on ...

  10. 1 The size and structure of phonological inventories

    1 The size and structure of phonological inventories. 1.1 Introduction. The database is known formally as the UCLA Phonological Segment Inventory Database, and its acronym is UPSID. 1.2 Design of the database. A. The database includes the inventories of 317 languages.