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    TASER International is now Axon. Same mission to protect life, same team pushing the boundaries of technology to do it. We offer both solutions to Law Enforcement as well as personal self-defense tools.

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    Review Release Shows whether this article has been reviewed as a featured article or good article, and whether the article has been included in a release version of Wikipedia. Score This number is used to automatically select articles for release versions of Wikipedia. 1

  3. Update: UCLA police tazered a student twice because he didn’t ...

    Nov 17, 2006 · Hoping to calm the furor created when UCLA police used a Taser to subdue a student studying in Powell Library, the university’s acting chancellor announced Friday that a veteran Los Angeles law enforcement watchdog would head up an independent investigation of the incident.

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    There are already 14 implementations of the spec available. Most of them are free software. There are also billions of relations out there that are query-able, thanks to the Linking Open Data project. The structured data of Wikipedia is now query-able at DBpedia. Also, have a look at Ivan Herman's presentations on this topic."

  5. Auckland Constable Zaps Self and Innocent 16-year old boy ...

    Nov 22, 2006 · The constable accidentally blasted himself with the Taser’s 50,000 volts as he reloaded the weapon while trying to stun a man at the centre of the domestic incident…After five attempts to hit the man, the officer eventually used pepper spray.

  6. Polish | The iGeneration's Concerns

    We had 150 taser-related ‘incidents’ last year and an incredible amount of unresolved cases. There was the tasering of a 6 year old, a 9 year old, a 14 year old that caused a cardiac arrest, a 92 year old, a man who didn’t show ID in his school, a man who was in his own house, the death of a Polish immigrant, the death of a 54 year old, the death of a 63 year old, and I’m sure I could ...

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    Classes and Seminars; Learning Modules; Frequently Asked Questions; Code Fragments (Advanced) Statistical Analyses. Data Analysis Examples; Textbook Examples (see also Stat Books for Loan on R)

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    TASER 7. The most effective TASER CEW ever, with streamlined workflows and breakthrough training. TASER 7 CQ. Built for close-range encounters. Ideal for small agencies. TASER X26P. A single-shot TASER CEW Smart Weapon. More

  9. i-Sight Case Management Software for Investigations including HR, Employee Relations, Incident Reporting, Ethics & Compliance. See our resource center for a variety of free tools including webinars, templates, case studies and more.

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    TASER X26P deviceは単発式で、アクソン社の3つのモデルの中では最も小サイズである 。 TASER 7 deviceは3つの中でも最新のモデルである。2発の回転しながら飛翔する発射体を有し、また電線を発射体側から放出することで、より直線的な射撃が可能となっている。