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  1. Ueckermünde – Wikipediaünde

    Ueckermünde liegt an der Mündung der Uecker in das Stettiner Haff. Die Umgebung Ueckermündes ist – von einigen kaum 20 Meter Höhe erreichenden Erhebungen abgesehen – fast eben. Der Naturraum wird durch den Naturpark am Stettiner Haff geschützt.

    • 84,64 km²
    • 4 m ü. NHN
  2. List of lighthouses and lightvessels in Germany - Wikipedia

    Ueckermünde: Baltic Sea: Mecklenburg-Vorpommern: Ueckermünde at the mouth of the river Uecker 2000: Warnemünde Lighthouse: Baltic Sea: Mecklenburg-Vorpommern: Warnemünde: 1898 Navigational lights have been displayed at Warnemünde since 1248. Proposed already in the 1860s as a replacement for an old light, the current tower was established ...

  3. Anklam - Wikipedia

    Anklam [German pronunciation: ], formerly known as Tanglim and Wendenburg, is a town in the Western Pomerania region of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany. It is situated on the banks of the Peene river, just 8 km from its mouth in the Kleines Haff , the western part of the Stettin Lagoon .

    • Germany
    • Michael Galander (Ind.)
  4. Tierpark Ueckermünde – Wikipediaünde

    Der Tierpark Ueckermünde ist ein zoologischer Garten in der Stadt Ueckermünde im Osten des Landes Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.Aufgrund der Nähe von Ueckermünde zur deutsch-polnischen Grenze ist der Tierpark mit einem Anteil von rund zehn Prozent an der Gesamtzahl von über 100.000 Besuchern pro Jahr auch bei Besuchern aus der Republik Polen populär.

    • 1962
    • 100 Arten
    • Chausseestraße 76, 17373 Ueckermünde
    • 18 Hektar
  5. How many deaths have occurred under ... - Inklusionspolitik

    My request relates to explaining the whereabouts of the people shown in Ernst Klee's 1993 television documentary “Die Hölle von Ueckermünde” (The Hell of Ueckermünde). The question remains unanswered as to whether these people died directly as a result of the abuse and treatment they received there or as a result of the effects of such treatment.

  6. Greifswald - Wikipedia

    Geography. Greifswald is located in the northeast of Germany, approximately equidistant from Germany's two largest islands, Rügen and Usedom.The town is situated at the south end of the Bay of Greifswald, the historic centre being about 5 kilometres (3.1 mi) up the river Ryck that crosses the town.

  7. Retingsselskep fuar Seefaarers (DGzRS) – Wikipedia

    Ön dit 10,1 Meeter-Buat es dit Rööpteeken (DH 2306) fuarn üp dit Taak fan di Kabiini henmaalet, dat em dit uk fan di Lucht keen ken. Sa es dit bi di Retingsskeepen fuar't Miist maaket, aurdat SAR-Aarber jaa me Skeepen en ön di Lucht (Me Hubskrüüwers) maaket uur.

  8. Stasi - Wikipedia

    Creation. The Stasi was founded on 8 February 1950. Wilhelm Zaisser was the first Minister of State Security of the GDR, and Erich Mielke was his deputy. Zaisser tried to depose SED General Secretary Walter Ulbricht after the June 1953 uprising, but was instead removed by Ulbricht and replaced with Ernst Wollweber thereafter.

  9. Pomeranian Genealogy -- Kreis Randow

    Kreisarchiv Uecker-Randow, Außenstelle Ueckermünde. The town Ückermünde in the Kreis Ücker-Randow archive. (In German) Kuna. Edwin. Zwischen Uecker und Randow : historische Ortsporträts. Pasewalk : Buchh. Maass, 2002. Landkreis Randow aus Wikipedia, der freien Enzyklopaedie. Landkreis Randow. Information on Kreis Randow which was ...

  10. "augustus intelligence" lawsuit

    The naming is therefore only permissible if it is in fact necessary and proportionate in the strict sense of the term (BVerfG, a. a. The naming is therefore only permissible if it is in fact necessary and proportionate in the strict sense of the term (BVerfG, a. a. 19 subparagraph 3 GG, the plaintiff can invoke as a legal person within the scope of its activities.

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