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  1. What does Uecker mean? - definitions

    In Ueckermünde, the Uecker flows into the Szczecin Lagoon, which connects with the Baltic Sea through the three straits Peenestrom, Świna and Dziwna. The name "Uecker" originated in the Polabian word vikru/vikrus, meaning "fast" or "quick".

  2. Usedom (town) - Wikipedia

    The town's name comes from the Slavic word "uznam", meaning river mouth. Early in the twelfth century, the place was destroyed by the Danes. In 1128, the West Pomeranian Landtag adopted Christianity, and shortly thereafter, a Premonstratensian monastery, Usedom Abbey (also Grobe or Pudagla Abbey) was established in Usedom.

  3. Świnoujście - Wikipedia

    Świnoujście [ɕfʲinɔˈui̯ɕt͡ɕɛ] (German: Swinemünde [ˈsʋi:nəˌmʏndə], both names meaning Świna [river] mouth; Kashubian: Swina) is a city and seaport on the Baltic Sea and Szczecin Lagoon, located in the extreme north-west of Poland.

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  4. Heringsdorf - Wikipedia

    Heringsdorf is a municipality and a popular seaside resort town on Usedom Island in Western Pomerania, Germany. It is also known by the name Kaiserbad (English: Imperial Spa). The municipality was formed in January 2005 out of the former municipalities of Heringsdorf, Ahlbeck and Bansin.

  5. In Ueckermünde, the Uecker flows into the Szczecin Lagoon, which is connected with the Baltic Sea through the three straits Peenestrom, Świna and Dziwna. The Uecker is named after the Polabian word vikru / vikrus, meaning "fast" or "quick".

  6. Ostsiedlung - Wikipedia

    Ostsiedlung (German pronunciation: [ˈɔstˌziːdlʊŋ], literally east settling), in English called the German eastward expansion, was the medieval eastward migration and settlement of Germanic-speaking peoples from the Holy Roman Empire, especially its southern and western portions, into less-populated regions of Central Europe, parts of west Eastern Europe, and the Baltics.

  7. Eggesin (German pronunciation: [ɛɡəˈziːn]) is a municipality in the Vorpommern-Greifswald district, in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Germany. It is situated on the river Uecker, 7 km southeast of Ueckermünde, and 42 km northwest of Szczecin. Transport

  8. Geschichte Krankenhaus Ueckermünde - Blogger

    Benjamin Blümchen – Wikipedia. 51, 65 und 70 die vierte Wand und wird durch die Interaktion mit den Figuren selbst Teil der Geschichte. Entwicklung der Serie Die Stadtmagazin Ueckermünde 2003 Firmenportraits.

  9. Eggesin in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern - Tripmondo

    Eggesin in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern with it's 5,598 citizens is a city in Germany about 85 mi (or 136 km) north of Berlin, the country's capital city. Local time in Eggesin is now 04:12 AM (Monday). The local timezone is named Europe / Berlin with an UTC offset of one hour.

  10. Stasi - Wikipedia

    Creation. The Stasi was founded on 8 February 1950. Wilhelm Zaisser was the first Minister of State Security of the GDR, and Erich Mielke was his deputy. Zaisser tried to depose SED General Secretary Walter Ulbricht after the June 1953 uprising, but was instead removed by Ulbricht and replaced with Ernst Wollweber thereafter.

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