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  1. Jun 10, 2022 · Interactive map: How the Ukraine war is developing, day by day. The Russian army has invaded Ukraine. Fighting continues in the southeast. Click through the map to see the current course and...

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  3. Explore CSIS's interactive map of the war in Ukraine to see how the force disposition and front line have changed over time. For more in-depth analysis, see the content below, where CSIS experts use these maps in various publications and events to assess the war.

  4. Jan 7, 2022 · This map represents a snapshot of current Russian positions, as well as broad estimates of the number of troops and kinds of equipment deployed within striking distance of Ukraine.

  5. Feb 26, 2022 · ACLED’s Ukraine Conflict Monitor provides near real-time information on the ongoing war, including an interactive map of the latest data from the start of Russia’s invasion, a curated data file, and weekly situation updates.

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  6. Nov 5, 2022 · The map below reflects the current front lines in Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Earlier this week, a Ukrainian military official said some of the fiercest battles in the conflict are taking...

  7. Jun 1, 2024 · Russia has opened up a new front in its invasion of Ukraine, launching a surprise offensive in the northeastern region of Kharkiv after focusing much of their forces this year on the east.

  8. Feb 10, 2023 · Using tens of thousands of new conscripts in the hope of overwhelming Ukraine, its forces are attacking heavily fortified positions across bomb-scarred fields and through scorched forests in the...

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