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  1. Vladislaus II of Hungary - Wikipedia

    Early life. Vladislaus was the eldest son of Casimir IV, King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania, and Elizabeth of Habsburg. She was the daughter of Albert, King of the Romans, Hungary and Bohemia, and Elizabeth of Luxembourg, the only child and sole heiress of the Holy Roman Emperor Sigismund.

    • 1471–1516
    • Louis
  2. Louis II of Hungary - Wikipedia

    4 days ago · Louis II was King of Hungary, Croatia and Bohemia from 1516 to 1526. He was killed during the Battle of Mohács fighting the Ottomans, whose victory led to the Ottoman annexation of Hungary. He had no legitimate issue.

  3. Star Trek: Voyager - Wikipedia

    2 days ago · Star Trek: Voyager was the first Star Trek series to use computer-generated imagery (CGI), rather than models, for exterior space shots. Babylon 5 and seaQuest DSV had previously used CGI to avoid the expense of models, but the Star Trek television department continued using models because they felt they were more realistic.

    • January 16, 1995 –, May 23, 2001
    • UPN
  4. Galicia–Volhynia Wars - Wikipedia–Volhynia_Wars

    Nov 15, 2020 · Lithuanians allied themselves with Muscovy: Liubartas married an unnamed daughter of Konstantin of Rostov, a relative of Simeon of Moscow, and Algirdas married Uliana of Tver, sister-in-law of Simeon. In spring 1351, Lubartas was taken prisoner by Louis, but was released in summer after a truce was agreed upon with Kęstutis.

  5. Anne of Bohemia and Hungary - Wikipedia

    4 days ago · Anne was born in Buda (now Budapest).The death of Vladislaus II on 13 March 1516 left both siblings in the care of Holy Roman Emperor Maximilan I.It was arranged that Anna marry his grandson, Archduke Ferdinand of Austria, second son of Queen Regnant Joanna of Castile and her late husband and co-ruler, Philip I of Castile.

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