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  1. Women in Russian History

    Uliana was born at the time of feudal fragmentation in Russian history, when Rus’ state collapsed into several principalities, being at war with each other, while also being under the yoke of Mongols’ Golden Horde. It appears that Uliana was born when her father, Prince Alexander of Tver, was in exile with his family in Pskov.

  2. Famous people of Lithuania - countrylicious

    Skirgaila, also known as Ivan; ca. 1353 or 1354 – 11 January 1397 in Kiev; baptized 1383/1384 as Casimir was a regent of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania for his brother Jogaila from 1386 to 1392. He was son of Algirdas, Grand Duke of Lithuania, and his second wife Uliana of Tver.

  3. 1325 - Find link - Edward Betts

    Uliana Alexandrovna of Tver (Russian: Ульяна Александровна Тверская; c. 1325 – 17 March 1391) was a daughter of Prince Alexander of Tver and Anastasia List of state leaders in the 14th century (4,647 words) [view diff] exact match in snippet view article find links to article

  4. The Russian Materials Handling Industry. Feature article ...

    The Russian Materials Handling Industry. This is a feature article written by Forkliftaction News. This in-depth article is based on interviews with business experts. Forkliftaction News is a weekly independent publication about forklifts and the materials handling industry.

  5. (PDF) Are All Paraphyllia the Same?

    Counts of paraphyllia number per square unit are arranged along the X axis by the following method: studied stems were numbered and then sorted within each series (i.e. ABA-0.5, ABA-0.2, etc) by ...

  6. wladyslaw iii of poland : definition of wladyslaw iii of ... iii of poland/en-en

    This situation continued until 1440, when Władysław was offered the crown of Hungary.However, accepting it would have led to numerous problems. Hungary was under a growing threat from the Ottoman Empire, and some Polish magnates did not want to agree to the king of Poland also being the monarch of Hungary, while Elisabeth, widow of the deceased King of Hungary, Albert II of Germany ...

  7. 5. Dedication. A. t the end of 2003 and beginning of 2004, the Russian government reviewed Article 228 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation and adopted new amendments.

  8. Memoirs of a Revolutionist | The Anarchist Library

    Tolstoy is an artist, Kropotkin is a man of science; but there came a period in the career of each of them, when neither could find peace in continuing the work to which he had brought great inborn capacities. Religious considerations led Tolstoy, social considerations led Kropotkin, to abandon the paths they had first taken.

  9. Annual Report for 2002 year

    Competition "Improvement on the Organization and Operation of Local Authorities" Number of Projects: 15. Grant Amount: $ 104 500 Share of the Total Grant Amount: 1,70 %. The "Improvement on the Organization and Operation of Local Authorities" Competition was aimed at supporting initiatives of NGOs and local self-government targeting at the ways of optimization, implementation and improvement ...

  10. scientific publication journal

    Full Text. 1. 2. Sociality as a social-philosophical problem . Olga Alexandrovna Baklanova 1, Igor Spartakovich Baklanov 1, Alexander Ivanovich Kolomak 1, Alexander Dmitriyevich Pokhilko 2 . 1 North Caucasian Federal University, Kulakov Avenue 2, Stavropol, 355029, Stavropol Krai, Russia