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  1. Ulrich I, Count of Celje - Wikipedia,_Count_of_Celje

    Ulrich I, Count of Celje, was a Styrian nobleman and condottiere, who was head of the House of Celje between 1359 and 1368, together with his younger brother Hermann I. During his reign, the House of Celje became one of the most powerful noble houses in the territory of present-day Slovenia, and laid the basis for its expansion to neighboring Slavonia and Croatia in the next generation. Ulrich's skills as a military commander are usually credited for the House of Celje's acceptance into the circ

  2. Hermann I of Celje - Wikipedia

    Hermann I, Count of Celje, was a Styrian nobleman, who was head of the House of Celje between 1359 and 1385. In the first decade, he ruled together with his older brother Ulrich. After Ulrich's death, Hermann took over the custody of his nephew William and ruled as the de facto head of the family. Under his rule, the House of Celje began expanding its influence from its power base in present-day Slovenia and southern Carinthia to Central Europe and the Balkans. By marriage to the Bosnian princes

    • 1359/60 – 1385
    • Ulrich I
  3. Counts of Celje - Wikipedia

    Count Ulrich I of Cilli, a leader of mercenary soldiers, joined King Louis I of Hungary on his 1354 campaign into Dalmatia and, shortly afterwards, the Rex Romanorum Charles IV to his coronation at Rome.

  4. Famous Counts of Celje | Visit Celje

    Frederick I of Celje: With him, the winning line of the Counts of Celje started. The last Lord of Sanneck and the first Count of Celje was Frederick I, son of Ulrich II of Sanneck and Countess Catherine of Heunburg. After the extinction of the Heunburg men line in the early 14 th century, Frederick inherited numerous estates and castles.

  5. Count Ulrich of Celje is the uncle, guardian and regent of young King Ladislaus V. This film details the uprisings of another Ladislaus -- Hunyadi -- whose insurgents storm the Belgrade fortress, murder Count Ulrich, and seize control of the city. Hunyadi's forces are then overthrown by loyalist royalists, leading to the execution of Hunyadi.

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    • Ilija Stanojevic-Cica
  6. A Short History of the Counts of Celje and Celje Castle

    The Counts of Celje were the most known residents of Celje Castle. The most influential noble family in Slovenian history was first known under the name Lords of Sanneck. In 1341, Frederick I was named Count of Celje by the Emperor Louis IV and with that the great era of the Counts of Celje began.

  7. The Counts and their castle throughout history | Visit Celje

    After the death of Ulrich II, the last Count of Celje, severe inheritance struggles erupted. The walls were furnished with firing apertures and thorax shields through which the gunners, while being protected, could target the attackers.

  8. Ulrich Wiki - Everipedia

    Ulrich II, Count of Celje (1406–1456) Ulrich I, Count of East Frisia (1408–1466) Ulrich III von Nussdorf, Bishop of Passau (r. 1451–1479) Ulrich V, Count of Württemberg (1413–1480) Ulrich II, Duke of Mecklenburg-Stargard (probably before 1428 – 1471) Ulrich Fugger the Elder (1441–1510), German businessman and member of the Fugger ...

  9. Ulrich II, Count of Celje - Wikipedia,_Count_of_Celje

    Ulrich II, or Ulrich of Celje (Slovene: Ulrik Celjski also Urh Celjski, Hungarian: Cillei Ulrik, German: Ulrich II von Cilli; 16 February 1406 – 9 November 1456), was the last Princely Count of Celje.

  10. Celjski grofje / Grafen von Cilli Project Profiles

    Ulrich I of Celje, count MP (c.1331 - 1368) Ulrik I. Celjski, Celjski grof, * okoli 1331, † 1368. Bil je sin Friderika I. Celjskega, poročen z Adelajdo Ortenburško-Radovljiško in oče Viljema Celjskega.