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  1. Ulrich I of Celje, count (c.1331 - 1368) - Genealogy

    May 23, 2018 · About Ulrich I of Celje, count. Ulrik I. Celjski, Celjski grof, * okoli 1331, † 1368. Bil je sin Friderika I. Celjskega, poročen z Adelajdo Ortenburško-Radovljiško in oče Viljema Celjskega. Med leti 1359/1360 in 1368 je skupaj z mlajšim bratom Hermanom I. Celjskim zastopal Celjsko grofijo.

    • William of Celje, count
    • Friedrich I. von Sanneck/Cilli, Andreas von Güssing (von Héder), Diemut von Sanneck/Cilli
  2. ULRICH´S LAST FEAST – Celjska koča

    ULRICH´S LAST FEAST Ulrich II was the last count of Celje. He, just like his grandfather, was very ambitious and wanted to lead the Dynasty of Celje further than anybody. He got custody of the young heir of the Hungarian throne, which annoyed local nobility and cost Ulrich his head. Treat yourself with Ulrich’s last feast of PORK HOCK.

  3. Famous Counts of Celje | Visit Celje

    Frederick I of Celje: With him, the winning line of the Counts of Celje started. The last Lord of Sanneck and the first Count of Celje was Frederick I, son of Ulrich II of Sanneck and Countess Catherine of Heunburg. After the extinction of the Heunburg men line in the early 14 th century, Frederick inherited numerous estates and castles.

  4. THE SECRET OF COUNT ULRICH - Escape Room in Celje, Slovenia

    Ulrich II. was the last male member of the Dynasty of the counts of Celje. With his death a secret was buried that has remained unexplored until today – a mysterious object, possessed by magic powers.

  5. Ulrich Wiki - Everipedia

    Ulrich II, Count of Celje (1406–1456) Ulrich I, Count of East Frisia (1408–1466) Ulrich III von Nussdorf, Bishop of Passau (r. 1451–1479) Ulrich V, Count of Württemberg (1413–1480) Ulrich II, Duke of Mecklenburg-Stargard (probably before 1428 – 1471) Ulrich Fugger the Elder (1441–1510), German businessman and member of the Fugger family

  6. Counts of Ortenburg - Wikipedia

    Two years before however, the last Count Frederick III of Ortenburg had died without heirs and his estates were inherited by Count Hermann II of Celje (Cilli). When the Counts of Celje themselves became extinct with the killing of Hermann's grandson Ulrich II in 1456, the Counts of Ortenburg-Neuortenburg claimed their ostensible rights, but ...

  7. Ulrich - Wikipedia

    Ulrich IV, Count of Württemberg (after 1315 – 1366) Ulrich von Jungingen (1360–1410), 26th Grand Master of the Teutonic Knights; Ulrich II, Count of Celje (1406–1456) Ulrich I, Count of East Frisia (1408–1466) Ulrich III von Nussdorf, Bishop of Passau (r. 1451–1479) Ulrich V, Count of Württemberg (1413–1480)

  8. Frederick II, Count of Celje - Wikipedia

    William of Celje: Hermann II, Count of Celje ∞ Anna Schaunberg: Elizabeth of Bosnia: Louis I of Hungary: 2.Anna of Celje: Władysław II Jagiełło: Frederick II, Count of Celje ∞1.Elizabeth Frankopan 2.Veronika of Desenice: 2.Barbara of Celje: Sigismund, Holy Roman Emperor: 1.Mary of Hungary: 1.Jadwiga of Poland: Ulrich II, Count of Celje ...

  9. Ulrich II of Celje (c.1406 - 1456) - Genealogy

    May 24, 2018 · About Ulrich II of Celje Ulrik II. Celjski (v nemških zgodovinskih virih Ulrich II. von Cilli, madžarsko Cillei Ulrik), pokneženi grof Celjski, v slovenskih pripovednih virih grof Urh, * 1406, † 9. november 1456, Beograd.

  10. Frederick II of Celje, count (c.1379 - 1453) - Genealogy

    May 23, 2018 · About Frederick II of Celje, count Frederic II, count of Celje, is first mentioned in 1407 and 1414 in the documents of the newly founded "Carthaus zu Pletriarch". He carried the title "von Gottes Gnaden Graf zu Cili, zu Ortenburg und im Seger" ( count of Celje, Ortenburg and Seger).