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  1. Duchy of Württemberg - Wikipedia

    The Duchy of Württemberg was formed when, at the Diet of Worms, 21 July 1495, Maximilian I, King of the Romans and Holy Roman Emperor, declared the Count of Württemberg (German: Graf von Württemberg), Eberhard V "the Bearded," Duke of Württemberg (German: Herzog von Württemberg). This would be the last elevation to Dukedom of the Medieval era.

  2. Stuttgart - Wikipedia

    In 1251, the city passed to the Ulrich I von Württemberg as part of Mechthild von Baden's dowry. His son, Eberhard I "the Illustrious", [27] would be the first to begin the many major expansions of Stuttgart under the House of Württemberg.

  3. Michael Maestlin - Wikipedia

    When Maestlin entered the university in 1569 he did so as one of the beneficiaries of a scholarship from the duke of Württemberg. He studied theology at the Tübinger Stift, which was founded in 1536 by Duke Ulrich von Württemberg, and was regarded as an elite institution of education.

  4. William I of Württemberg - Wikipedia

    William I (German: Friedrich Wilhelm Karl; 27 September 1781 – 25 June 1864) was King of Württemberg from 30 October 1816 until his death.. Upon William's accession, Württemberg was suffering crop failures and famine in the "Year Without a Summer", in 1816.

    • 30 October 1816 – 25 June 1864
    • Frederick I
  5. 300 Years a Prince - Narrative AAR - HRE Minor 1337-1637 ...

    Mar 30, 2016 · Chapter 4 - Ulrich von Württemberg, Marshall of Swabia (October 1349/August 1352) Chapter 5 - Duke Eberhard of Swabia (September 1353) Chapter 6 - Adalhard von Württemberg, Heir to the Duchy of Swabia (July 1362/December 1362) Chapter 7 - Duke Eberhard of Swabia (December 1369) Chapter 8 - Trude de Luxembourg, Princess of Bohemia (October 1376)

  6. Royal Musings: Count Anton von Goess arrested in three murders

    Dec 13, 2018 · Another first cousin of Count Anton von Goess is Count Moritz von Goess -- son of Count Ernst-Friedrich von Goess -- who is married to Duchess Fleur of Württemberg. Counts Ulrich, Johann Zeno and Ernst-Friedrich are three of 10 children of Johann Anton Douglas , Count von Goess, (1892-1970) and Countess Marie Valerie von Meran (1902-1990).

  7. Konstanz - Wikipedia,_Baden-Württemberg

    Konstanz is situated on Lake Constance (Bodensee in German).The river Rhine, which starts in the Swiss Alps, passes through Lake Constance and leaves it, considerably larger, by flowing under a bridge connecting the two parts of the city.

  8. Charlotte I, Königin von Württembergönigin...

    05.04.2017 - Charlotte Augusta Matilda von Großbritannien, Irland und Hannover, Princess Royal (* 29.September 1766 im Buckingham Palace, London; † 5.Oktober 1828 in Ludwigsburg) war eine britisch-hannoversche Prinzessin, Princess Royal und durch Heirat Herzogin und später die erste Königin von Württemberg.

  9. 300 Years a Prince - Narrative AAR - HRE Minor 1337-1637 ...

    May 04, 2015 · This is a narrative AAR covering approximately 300 years starting with Ulrich von Württemberg, a Catholic count in the Holy Roman Empire. The first 107 years or so will be played in Crusader Kings 2; the remaining years will be played in Europa Universalis 4.

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    Katharina the Great (1729), born Sophie Auguste Friederike of Anhalt-Zerbst-Dornburg, her husband Karl Peter Ulrich von Schleswig-Holstein-Gottorf. Her son - Paul I (1754-1801). Alexander I (1777-1825) and Nicholas I. (1796-1825) - Sons of Paul I. and Sophia Maria Dorothea Auguste Luise von Württemberg.

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