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  1. Umeå - Wikipedia › wiki › Uumaja

    The first written mention of Umeå is from the 14th century. The northern parts of Sweden, including the counties of Västerbotten and Norrbotten, were mostly settled by nomadic Sami people before this time but not necessarily forming any permanent settlement in the city's exact location.

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  3. Umeå - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia › wiki › Umeå

    Umeå became a city in 1622. The King of Sweden, Gustavus Adolphus, made the new city for Swedish merchants. He made the merchants to move north so that taxes could be increased. The city was burnt by Russian troops in 1714 and then again in 1720. In 1809 the city was briefly occupied again by the Russian army before peace was agreed.

  4. Umeå – Wikipedia › wiki › Umeå

    Umeå (umemål [ʉ̂ːm], finska Uumaja, umesamiska Ubmeje [6], sydsamiska Upmeje) [7] är en tätort i Västerbotten. Umeå är centralort i Umeå kommun, residensstad i Västerbottens län och sedan 1965 universitetsstad – Umeå universitet är med cirka 16 000 helårsstudieplatser landets femte största.

  5. Umeå Municipality - Wikipedia › wiki › Umea_kommun

    Administration. The municipality is an administrative entity defined by geographical borders, consisting of Umeå and a large area around it. The present municipality consists of many former local government units joined together in a series of municipal reforms carried out between 1952 and 1974.

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  6. Umea (Books) | The Expanse Wiki | Fandom › wiki › Umea_(Books)

    Umea works for Dr. Strickland in his secret labs on Ganymede. Posing as Nicola Mulko, she and Strickland abduct Mei Meng from her kindergarden class. They then take her to the lab with other children who also suffer Myers-Skelton Premature Immunosenescence like her, such as Sandro Ventisiete. Once there, Umea takes Mei to a room where a human-protomolecule hybrid is being held in a big glass box.

  7. Category:Umeå - Wikimedia Commons › wiki › Category:Umeå

    Jun 23, 2018 · Français : Umeå est une ville de Suède située dans le comté de Västerbotten et dans la province historique de Västerbotten. Suomi: Uumaja on kaupunki Västerbottenissa , Ruotsissa. This is a a category of a national interest for cultural heritage in Sweden with the number

  8. Umeå University - Wikipedia › wiki › Umea_Universitet

    Umeå University Library (a.k.a. UB) was established at the time of Umeå University's foundation in 1965, but has origins in from the Scientific Library in Umeå established in 1950 at Umeå City Library. Its main building dates from 1968, but has since been extended and rebuilt, most recently in 2006.

  9. Umeå Hardcore - Wikipedia › wiki › Umeå_hardcore

    Umeå Hardcore is a phrase used since the early 1990s för Hardcore and Punk music produced around Umeå, Sweden. [citation needed] It has also been used by the record label Umeå Hardcore Records and the cultural association Umeå Hardcore.

  10. Umea (TV) | The Expanse Wiki | Fandom › wiki › Umea_(TV)

    Umea was Dr. Lawrence Strickland 's assistant and a high-ranking member of Project Caliban, initiated by Jules-Pierre Mao with the support of the Martian government.

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