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  1. Umeå - Wikipedia › wiki › Uumaja

    Umeå is a university town and centre of education, technical and medical research in northern Sweden, with two universities and over enrolled 39,000 students. CRISPR gene editing was developed by researchers at Umeå University, being awarded the 2020 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

  2. Umeå Institute of Design - Wikipedia › wiki › Umeå_Institute_of_Design

    The Umeå Institute of Design is situated between the main Campus and Umeå city centre, as a part of the Umeå Arts Campus. UID is the only Scandinavian school to have been listed on BusinessWeek 's top 60 list of design schools in the world in all of the three listings (2006, 2007 and 2009), [1] [2] [3] and has also been named as one of the ...

  3. Umeå University - Wikipedia › wiki › University_of_Umeå

    Umeå Institute of Design – a.k.a. UID, opened in 1989 at what later became Umeå Arts Campus, and is designed and equipped solely for the teaching of industrial design. UID offers a Bachelor program, master programmes in Transportation Design, Interaction Design and Advanced Industrial Design, and doctoral studies.

    • 4,200
    • Prof. Hans Adolfsson
  4. Umeå Arts Campus - Wikipedia › wiki › Umeå_Arts_Campus

    Umeå Arts Campus. The sculpture "Skin 4" by Mehmet Ali Uysal with Bildmuseet in the background. Umeå Arts Campus is the name of a former industry area that recently (2009–2012) was rebuilt to house several of the arts educations at Umeå University in Sweden. The arts campus will be an education center for architecture, design and artwork.

  5. Kyrkbron, Umeå - Wikipedia › wiki › Kyrkbron,_Umeå
    • Background
    • Investigations, Plans and Decisions
    • The Opposition Against Kyrkbron
    • An Unknown Graveyard and Cannon Balls
    • The Construction of The Bridge and The Inauguration
    • After The Construction of The Bridge

    Already in the 1930s it was clear that the only bridge over the river in Umeå, Gamla bron, no longer would be able to cope with the increasing traffic. The County Board in Västerbotten commissioned the highway engineer O H Grahnén to create a work plan and drawings for a new bridge or a reconstruction of the existing bridge. Grahnén's proposal, dated 16 July 1936, showed a number of different solutions. Among other suggestions, there was a proposal to place the bridge as an extension to Östra Kyrkogatan, next to Umeå City Church. One problem with this solution was that the bridge then would end up downstream from the port and therefore the bridge would need to have vertical clearance or have movable bridge components, so that ships could pass. Such solutions was however considered to be too costly. Grahnén's main proposal was instead that the old bridge was closed to motor traffic and that a new bridge was to be built at the extension of Västra Esplanaden. Tegs municipal society the...

    Tegs municipal society in 1960 merged with Umeå landskommun (Umeå rural municipality) and there was a need to create a zoning plan for central Teg. A few years later in 1965, when Umeå landskommun was to merge with Umeå city, there was a need for a land use plan for the entire urban area. In the land use plan an area was allocated for a bridge at the church and a highway from Tegsbron through central Teg. A strong minority in the Municipal councilwas against Kyrkbron and the highway, as they wanted to keep Teg as a unit. The land use plan, with the bridge situated next to the church, was created by Västerbottenskommunernas Arkitekt- och Byggnadskontor (VAB), with Åke Lundberg as the chief architect. The proposal was sent out to submission for comment to, among other things, the parish council in Umeå city parish, which endorsed the bridge's placement next to the church. The engineering company Orrje & Co was hired in 1963 to develop a plan for Umeå's traffic route. Also the municipa...

    The debate on the bridge started in 1965 when the church council sent a letter to the city council stating that the church services would be disrupted by the traffic on the bridge. In June 1971 the county architect Åke Lundberg once again brought up the placement of the bridge during an information session on municipal issues in Holmsund. In the local media the discussion continued and various experts at the national level commented about the bridge. On 2 October 1971 the peak of the resistance was reached when a demonstration against the bridge was held in Umeå. The demonstration was initiated because a reader poll in the newspaper Västerbottens-Kuriren the previous day had shown that 84 percent were against the construction of Kyrkbron. Also the newly appointed governor Karl Georg Samuelsonbecame involved in the opposition towards Kyrkbron. A few members of the Centre Party tried to stop the construction in 1973, on the grounds that the cost had risen to 45 million kronor. The mot...

    During the summer of 1972 an unknown graveyard was found when workers were digging for the bridge next to Umeå City Church. The old boundaries of the cemetery was unknown and a tomb map was missing. The discovery made the county custodian of antiquities Sune Zachrisson and the Swedish National Heritage Board to put the construction of the bridge to a halt as the area would undergo archaeological excavations. Under the leadership of Sibylla Haasum22 shafts were dug between 1 July and 17 August. The result was forty casket graves with about sixty skeletons and also remains of coffins, coffin handles, fittings, nails, ornaments, grave plates, etc. were found. In an excavation seventeen cannonballs were found. The cannonballs probably came from the Finnish War of 1808–1809. Either the cannonballs ended up there when Lieutenant General Johan Adam Cronstedt defended Umeå in March 1809 or when the Russian general Nikolai Kamensky in the summer of 1809 defended the bridge that the Russians...

    During the construction of the bridge a few technical novelties were used such as a desktop computer when surveying and the distance was measured with a laser. Kyrkbron was inaugurated 26 September 1975 by the Swedish Communication Minister Bengt Norling.In connection with the construction of the bridge an extensive rerouting of the traffic in central Umeå and Teg was also carried out. Teg became the first district in Umeå to get a pedestrian and cycle path all the way downtown.

    When the construction of Kolbäcksbron began in 1998, Kyrkbron had approximately 16,600 and Tegsbron approximately 21,600 vehicles per mean annual day.In 2010 Kyrkbron had about 15,100, Tegsbron about 27,300 and Kolbäcksbron about 12,000 vehicles per mean annual day. Because of Kolbäcksbron, a reduced amount of traffic in the center and the transformation of Strandgatan from a transit route to a city street.Kyrkbron's importance have been reduced and the bridge is now over-dimensioned.

    • Vehicles, pedestrians and bikes
    • Umeå
  6. Umeå University — Wikipedia Republished // WIKI 2 › en › Umeå_University

    Umeå University (Swedish: Umeå universitet; Ume Sami: Ubmeje Universitiähta) is a university in Umeå in the mid-northern region of Sweden. The university was founded in 1965 and is the fifth oldest within Sweden's present borders.

  7. Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design - Wikipedia › wiki › Estonian_Museum_of_Applied

    Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design (ETDM, Estonian: Eesti Tarbekunsti- ja Disainimuuseum) is a museum dedicated to the history of applied arts and design in Estonia. Located in Tallinn, the museum was established in 1971, and opened in 1980 as part of the Estonian National Art Museum branch. It became independent in 2004.

  8. Association of Independent Colleges of Art and Design - Wikipedia › wiki › Association_of_Independent

    The Association of Independent Colleges of Art and Design (AICAD) is a non-profit consortium of 36 art and design schools in the United States and Canada.All AICAD member institutions have a curriculum with full liberal arts and sciences requirements complementing studio work, and all are accredited to grant Bachelor of Fine Arts and/or Master of Fine Arts degrees.

  9. High School of Art and Design - Wikipedia › wiki › High_School_of_Art_and_Design

    The High School of Art and Design is a Career and Technical Education high school in Manhattan, New York City.Founded in 1936 as the School of Industrial Art, the school moved to 1075 Second Avenue in 1960 and more recently, its Midtown Manhattan location on 56th Street, between Second and Third Avenues, in September 2012.

  10. Umeå Town Hall — Wikipedia Republished // WIKI 2 › en › Umeå_Town_Hall

    Umeå Town Hall (Swedish: Umeå rådhus) was built after the fire in 1888 that burnt the city to the ground. It was erected on the site where the previous town hall (built in the 17th century) had been located and was completed in 1890. The architect was Fredrik Olaus Lindström from Stockholm. In the new urban area development plan Lindström gave the town hall a prominent location next to ...

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