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  1. Uncanny X-Men (1963 - 2011) The flagship X-Men comic for over 40 years, Uncanny X-Men delivers action, suspense, and a hint of science fiction month in and month out. Follow the adventures of Professor Charles Xavier's team ... more Sort & Filter MARVEL UNLIMITED Show Variants Showing 20 of 588 Results Filtered by: Reset Filters

  2. Dec 02, 2019 · Wolverine & The X-Men Far from the cohesive unit depicted in the other X-Men series, Wolverine & The X-Men kicks off with a cataclysmic separation of the world’s most uncanny heroes. In their absence, chaos is on the rise and dark forces seize the opportunity to ascend.

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    The Uncanny X-Men is an upcoming animated series based on the Marvel's X-Men comics. The series is being developed by the creators of 2012's Ultimate Spider-Man series and will have a similar tone and animation. The series will air on Disney XD in spring 2013.

    The Uncanny X-Men is one of two Marvel animated series that will air on Disney XD in the spring of 2013, the other being Avengers Assemble. Both series are being developed by the creators of Ben 10, Generator Rex and Ultimate Spider-Man. Various Voice Actors will reprise their repsective roles.

  3. Sep 17, 2014 · Season 2 Episode 10. Beauty and the Beast. 8th January 1994. Season 3 Episode 3. Sacrifice (The Phoenix Saga: Part 1) 5th September 1994. Season 3 Episode 4. Dark Shroud (The Phoenix Saga: Part 2) 6th September 1994.

    Episode No.
    Episode Title
    Original Air Date
    Night of The Sentinels (part 1)
    31st October 1992
    Night of The Sentinels (part 2)
    7th November 1992
    Enter Magneto
    27th November 1992
    Deadly Reunions
    23rd January 1993
  4. Dec 05, 2021 · By Spencer Connolly. Published Dec 05, 2021. The original five members of the X-Men are put on full display in a cartoon intro made by a fan who animated their epically awesome mutant powers. Since their first introduction to Marvel Comics, the X-Men have captivated fans with their amazing tales of mutant heroism, and the original team is at it ...

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  6. Jan 13, 2020 · UNCANNY X-MEN (1963) #321 Charles and Magnus’ history is further fleshed out. Take a peek twenty years in their past, as we see a deep cut of their memories from Haifa. Considered a prelude to the Age of Apocalypse event, curated here. EPISODE 4: DEADLY REUNIONS

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