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  1. Hey all, hoping someone can help. I remember reading somewhere recently that in the Uncanny X-Men omnibus vol. 4 that they "touched up" or "updated" some of Romita Jr's artwork. I've been debating picking up the omnibus to replace my single issues, but no way if they messed with JRs art. That's some of my favorite work of his and why I've held ...

  2. Well Black Cat, Quetzal and Typhoon were combined into Storm. Which is very funny, since now it can be said the first version of Storm was a pink flamingo woman (the first rejected name for Quetzali was Flamingo) Trio was pitched for the Legion of Super Heroes, not X-men.

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  4. Jan 4, 2023 · Uncanny X-Men Annual. 1 sale records 0 available Jan 2019 ... Jan 2019 Uncanny X-Men Annual #1; Shoutout to @gocollect. Big fan of this clean UI for value tracking ...

  5. 3 days ago · The Beast stars in his own series in Amazing Adventures #11-17 (March 1972-March 1973) after accepting a position with the Brand Corporation, and decides to leave the X-Men for good. The original team appears briefly in a flashback in #11 and in present-day cameo appearances in #12 (May 1972) and #15 (November 1972).

  6. Jan 3, 2023 · Wednesday, March 15, 2023. The X-Cellent #1 (of 5) by writer Peter Milligan and artist Michael Allred. Immoral X-Men #2 (of 3) by writer Kieron Gillen and artist Patch Zircher. Bishop: War College ...

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    3 days ago · The X-Men are a superhero team appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Created by artist/co-plotter Jack Kirby and writer/editor Stan Lee, the team first appearing in The X-Men #1 (September 1963). [1] Although initially cancelled in 1970 due to low sales, following its 1975 revival and subsequent direction under writer ...

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