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  1. Unconditional Movie Review - Common Sense Media

    Unconditional is touching, well-acted, and directed. Christian faith is an underlying theme throughout, but it's not the only theme, and the filmmakers tell the story skillfully enough so that most viewers, believers or not, can reasonably expect to appreciate something here.

    • Barbara Shulgasser-Parker
  2. UNCONDITIONAL | Movieguide | Movie Reviews for Christians

    Despite some choppy moments, UNCONDITIONAL is a beautifully made movie with a captivating, inspiring story. The high quality acting makes the characters quite charming. UNCONDITIONAL has a strong Christian worldview about God’s redeeming power of unconditional love.

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  3. Movie Review: Unconditional - Christian Movies on Demand

    Unconditional tells the true story of Joe Bradford (played wonderfully by Michael Ealy). His life story is so amazing and beautiful that it would be a shame to give it away in this review. So let's just say that his collides with the story of his childhood best friend, Samantha Crawford (also played with excellence by Lynn Collins).

  4. UNCONDITIONAL review | Movieguide | Movie Reviews for Christians

    Is UNCONDITIONAL review family friendly? Find out only at Movieguide. The Family and Christian Guide to Movie Reviews and Entertainment News.

  5. Unconditional (2012) - Rotten Tomatoes - Movie Trailers

    Unconditional is a little movie with a big heart, a message film that doesn't taste like medicine. ... I know that not everyone will love this movie - possibly because of the Christian themes ...

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    • drama
    • PG-13
  6. Unconditional | Christianity Today

    Sep 21, 2012 · These ostensibly unconnected lives intersect much like 2006's Best Picture Winner Crash. And this is actually a Christian film—a surprisingly good one, for that matter. The woman, Samantha, is an...

  7. Unconditional (2012) - Movie Reviews - Kim Gentes - worship ...

    Sep 25, 2012 · "Unconditional" is a movie whose preview warns you it is based on a real life. But rather than retreat into a script of stereotyped plot mechanisms and clichéd character lines, this movie soars. But rather than retreat into a script of stereotyped plot mechanisms and clichéd character lines, this movie soars.

  8. Samantha Crawford is living a storybook life: she’s happily married, she lives on a ranch where she keeps her beloved horse, and the stories she’s told and illustrated since childhood have become published books. When her husband Billy is killed in a senseless act of violence, Sam loses her faith and her will to live. But a death-defying encounter with two children leads to a reunion with ...

  9. Unconditional (2012) - User Reviews - IMDb

    I am glad I gave Unconditional a chance because it was an excellent film with an overall good spiritual message and a message about how important one person can be in a community and how important a community can be for one person. Nothing about the plot is too original and plot was sometimes unbelievable or just too scripted. Yet I loved it.

  10. The Top 41 Christian Movies for Families -

    Oct 26, 2016 · Relying on his other senses and his instincts, he did the unthinkable! Displaying unconditional determination he proved nothing could dampen the spirit of a champion! (source: IMBD) 18. Grace Unplugged (2013) PG. Grace Unplugged is an Inspirational movie starring Amanda AJ Michalka as 18 year old Christian singer/songwriter, Grace Rose Trey.

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