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  1. un·hal·lowed



    • 1. not formally consecrated: "unhallowed ground"
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  3. Unhallowed | Definition of Unhallowed by Merriam-Webster

    Unhallowed definition is - not blessed : unconsecrated, unholy. How to use unhallowed in a sentence.

  4. Unhallowed | Definition of Unhallowed at

    adjective not hallowed or consecrated; not regarded as holy or sacred: unhallowed ground.

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  5. un·hal·lowed (ŭn-hăl′ōd) adj. 1. Not hallowed or consecrated. 2. a. Lacking reverence; impious or irreligious. b. Not conforming to accepted ethical standards; immoral ...

  6. In the same verse he commends that good man, Monsieur de Laubinire, who gave her body hasty and unhallowed interment. THE STONES OF PARIS IN HISTORY AND LETTERS, VOLUME I (OF 2) BENJAMIN ELLIS MARTIN But whatever another's consciousness of mental inferiority may be, this unhallowed temper will produce determined resistance.

  7. Unhallowed definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary

    Unhallowed definition: not consecrated or holy | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

  8. Unhallowed by Blerkotron

    Unhallowed is a classic text-adventure game with a few twists to make it more palatable for modern players. Now available for purchase on cassette, courtesy of Bitmap Soft!

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  9. Unhallowed - Wikipedia

    Unhallowed is the debut studio album by American melodic death metal band The Black Dahlia Murder. It was released through Metal Blade Records on June 17, 2003. An enhanced version of the album was released that included photos and info about the band.

  10. Unhallowed (Rath and Rune, #1) by Jordan L. Hawk

    Unhallowed takes place eight years after the end of Deosil, and while there are no outright spoilers, there are enough hints about what happened that I think it's definitely better to read this after finishing W&G, though it's by no means necessary. This book is written to stand on its own, and it can; those unfamiliar with W&G will simply miss a

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    • Jordan L. Hawk
    • 9781.9B
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