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  1. It is a unitary state, split up into 47 administrative divisions − one metropolitan district ( to: Tokyo), 2 urban prefectures ( fu: Kyoto and Osaka), 43 prefectures ( ken), and one district (dō: Hokkaido). Map 1 – Japan, its neighbours, and territorial disputes . Source: EPRS. The three territorial disputes in the area covered by the map are:

  2. Japan is a unitary state. The central government delegates many functions (such as education and the police force ) to the prefectures and municipalities , but retains the overall right to control them.

    • 47 Prefectures
    • Japan
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  4. Official Name Republic of Kenya Political System Unitary State with Multiparty Democracy Capital City Nairobi Independence 12th December 1963 Official Languages Kiswahili and English Official Currency Kenya Shillings Geographical location Located in East Africa Surface Area 582, 646 km2 of which Water - 11, 230 km2 National Parks

  5. 116. elongated state 117. prorupted state 118. perforated state 119. fragmented state 120. landlocked state a. Afghanistan b. Indonesia c. Nicaragua d. South Africa e. Vatican City f. Vietnam Match the following (some states have more than one answer): 121. Brazil 122. China 123. Mesopotamia 124. Taiwan a. was a hearth b. was a colony c. is a ...

  6. c. is a sovereign state d. has a forward capital Match the following (some states have more than one answer): 125. unitary state 126. federal state 127. confederal state 128. devolution a. Canada b. France c. Germany d. Mexico e. Switzerland f. USA Place the following colonial powers under the appropriate headings: Belgium, Britain, France ...

  7. Which of the above countries is a unitary state and which is a federal state? Explain why for each. Japan is unitary because it has a strong nationality while Germany is a Federal state because it has multiple states within it and it has different nationalities. When is a federal state a more efficient organization method for a state?

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