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    Unitarianism, in Christian doctrine, the belief in a "unitary God" as opposed to the concept of the Trinity Unitarian Universalism (sometimes called "Unitarianism"), an interfaith church which draws its name from an interfaith concept of "unitary God" types of political regions Unitary state; Unitary authority

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    A unitary parliamentary republic refers to a unitary state with a republican form of government in which the political power is vested in and entrusted to the parliament with confidence [clarification needed] by its electorate

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    Unitary state, a system of political organization in which most or all of the governing power resides in a centralized government. In a unitary state, the central government commonly delegates authority to subnational units and channels policy decisions down to them for implementation.

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    KidzSearch Safe Wikipedia for Kids. Jump to: navigation , search A unitary state is a state whose three organs of state are ruled constitutionally as one unit, with central legislature .

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    A unitary state is a state governed as a single power in which the central government is ultimately supreme and any administrative divisions (sub-national units) exercise only the powers that the central government chooses to delegate. 26 relations.

  6. Romania is a semi-presidential unitary state. It was created when Moldavia and Wallachia joined together in 1859. It was given its independence in the Treaty of Berlin of 1878. At the end of World War II, some of its land (close by what is now known as Moldova) was occupied by the USSR.

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    Fixed Somalia by removing the added overlay, and removing its existing class from the unitary states style list 14h38min de 13 de fevereiro de 2013 863 × 443 (1,69 MB)

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    A unitary state does not necessarily imply that only one level of government exists. In fact, unitary states often have multiple levels of government, and in those states political authority is divided across different territorial levels. Japan is an example of a unitary state. It has a central government and below that fortyseven prefectures ...

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    Constitutional law - Constitutional law - Classifying states as federal or unitary: Classifying a particular state as federal or unitary is usually straightforward, though in some cases it can be more difficult. The United States and Switzerland are clearly federal states; all of the above-mentioned characteristics of the federal state are present in their constitutional systems. Australia and ...

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    where α and β are complex numbers. The group of all the transformations of two states that preserves their hermitean scalar products [〈u|d〉 = 0, 〈u|u〉 = 〈d|d〉 = 1] is known as the two-dimensional unitary group, U 2; the transformations of the equations above form a subgroup SU 2 which merely lacks the uninteresting transformations of the form |u ...

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