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  1. Unitary state - Wikipedia › wiki › Unitary_state

    5 days ago · Unitary monarchies. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is an example of a unitary state. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have a degree of autonomous devolved power, but such power is delegated by the Parliament of the United Kingdom, which may enact laws unilaterally altering or abolishing devolution (England does not have any devolved power).

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  3. Unitary state - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia › wiki › Unitary_state

    Mar 22, 2021 · A unitary state is a state whose three organs of state are ruled constitutionally as one unit, with central legislature. It differs from a federal state, in which the authority is divided between the head (for example the central government of a country) and the political units governed by it (for example the municipalities or provinces of the country), and also granting some degree of autonomy to those political subdivisions (e.g.

  4. U.S. state - Wikipedia › wiki › U

    4 days ago · States are divided into counties or county-equivalents, which may be assigned some local governmental authority but are not sovereign. County or county-equivalent structure varies widely by state, and states also create other local governments. States, unlike U.S. territories, possess a number of powers and rights under the United States ...

  5. Sri Lanka - Wikipedia › wiki › Sri_Lanka

    3 days ago · Sri Lanka is a democratic republic and a unitary state which is governed by a semi-presidential system, with a mixture of a presidential system and a parliamentary system. Sri Lanka is the oldest democracy in Asia. Most provisions of the constitution can be amended by a two-thirds majority in parliament.

  6. State (polity) - Wikipedia › wiki › Forms_of_state

    A state is a polity under a system of governance with a monopoly on force. There is no undisputed definition of a state. A widely used definition from the German sociologist Max Weber is that a "state" is a polity that maintains a monopoly on the legitimate use of violence, although other definitions are not uncommon.

  7. Oman - Wikipedia › wiki › Oman

    4 days ago · Oman is a unitary state and an absolute monarchy, in which all legislative, executive and judiciary power ultimately rests in the hands of the hereditary Sultan. Consequently, Freedom House has routinely rated the country "Not Free". The sultan is the head of state and directly controls the foreign affairs and defence portfolios.

  8. City-state - Wikipedia › wiki › City-states

    Mar 22, 2021 · A city-state is an independent sovereign city which serves as the center of political, economic, and cultural life over its contiguous territory. They have existed in many parts of the world since the dawn of history, including cities such as Rome, Athens, Sparta, Carthage, and the Italian city-states during the Middle Ages and Renaissance, such as Florence, Venice, Genoa and Milan.

  9. Attila (heavy metal band) - Wikipedia › wiki › Attila_(heavy_metal_band)

    Oct 19, 2020 · Attila was a heavy metal band from New York City active between 1983 and 1986. The group released their sole full-length album, Rolling Thunder, in 1986 on Shattered Records.

  10. Federated state - Wikipedia › wiki › Federated_state

    Mar 29, 2021 · A federated state (which may also be referred to as a state, a province, a region, a canton, a (bundes)land, a governorate, an oblast, an emirate or a country) is a territorial and constitutional community forming part of a federation. Such states differ from fully sovereign states, in that they do not have full sovereign powers, as the sovereign powers have been divided between the federated states and the central or federal government.

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