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    Chief among them is the delegation of power and authority to various regional entities while remaining a unitary state. The President of Indonesia is the head of state and head of government , commander-in-chief of the Indonesian National Armed Forces ( Tentara Nasional Indonesia , TNI), and the director of domestic governance, policy-making ...

  2. Japan - Wikipedia日本國

    4 days ago · Japan is a unitary state and constitutional monarchy in which the power of the Emperor is limited to a ceremonial role. Executive power is instead wielded by the Prime Minister of Japan and his Cabinet , whose sovereignty is vested in the Japanese people. [105]

  3. Most of the Danube Delta is found inside Romania. Romania shares borders with Hungary and Serbia to the west, Ukraine to the far northeast, the Republic of Moldova to the near northeast, and Bulgaria to the south. Romania is a semi-presidential unitary state. It was created when Moldavia and Wallachia joined together in 1859.

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  4. Administrative divisions of Albania - Wikipedia

    5 days ago · Since the Declaration of Independence in 1912, Albania has undergone administrative territorial reforms a total of 21 times. Its administrative boundaries have been divided and/or merged into regions (krahina), prefectures, sub-prefectures, counties (qarqe), districts (rrethe), municipalities (bashki), cities, communes (komuna), neighborhoods (lagje), villages (fshatra) and localities.

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  5. Urartu - Wikipedia

    Urartu (/ ʊ ˈ r ɑːr t uː /) is a geographical region commonly used as the exonym for the Iron Age kingdom also known by the modern rendition of its endonym, the Kingdom of Van, centered around Lake Van in the historic Armenian Highlands, present-day eastern Anatolia in Turkey.

  6. Government - Wikipedia

    Feb 16, 2021 · Definitions and etymology. A government is the system to govern a state or community.. The word government derives, ultimately, from the Greek verb κυβερνάω [kubernáo] (meaning to steer with gubernaculum (rudder), the metaphorical sense being attested in Plato's Ship of State).

  7. 5 days ago · From Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia A communist state is a state whose constitution claims to follow the principles of communism, despite following the ideology of Marxism–Leninism. Its form of government has only a single political party, the communist party.

  8. Feb 18, 2021 · Forms of socialism. There are many kinds of socialism. In all types, at least in principle, the workers own the means of production. The major differences between the different varieties are the role of the free market (market planning), how the means of production are controlled, the role of management of workers, and the government's role in the economy.

  9. Türkiye - Wikimedia Commonsürkiye

    5 days ago · Shqip: Turqia është një vend në mes të Evropës dhe Azisë. Kryeqyteti i Turqisë Ankara dhe është qyteti më i madh është Stamboll . Српски / srpski: Турска је земља између Европе и Азије .

  10. Laïcité — WikipédiaÉcole_laïque

    — George Gillespie, Wholesome severity reconciled with Christian liberty Ou bien encore, François Turretin , professeur de théologie à Genève à la fin du XVIIe siècle décrit la position protestante ainsi: « Les orthodoxes (tenant la position d’équilibre entre les deux extrêmes) maintiennent que le pieux magistrat croyant ne peut pas et ne doit pas être exclu du soin de la ...

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