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  1. Belt and Road Initiative - Wikipedia › wiki › Belt_and_Road_Initiative

    12 hours ago · Some observers and skeptics, mainly from non-participant countries, including the United States, interpret it as a plan for a sinocentric international trade network. In response the United States, Japan and Australia had formed a counter initiative, the Blue Dot Network in 2019.

    • 2013; 8 years ago, 2017 (Forum)
    • Promote economic development and inter-regional connectivity
    • Worldwide
    • China
  2. Arbëreshë di Sicilia - Wikipedia › wiki › Arbëreshë_di_Sicilia

    1 day ago · Etnonimo. La popolazione albanese di Sicilia, parte più lontana dall'Albania e più a sud degli insediamenti italo-albanesi o albanesi d'Italia, usano chiamarsi arbëreshë nella lingua con cui si riconoscono, etnonimo che significa appunto albanese, ma, talvolta, sono stati erroneamente chiamati con l'appellativo "greco-albanesi" o addirittura soltanto come "greci" (allorquando confusi con i ...

  3. Parliament of Albania - Wikipedia › wiki › Parliament_of_Albania

    1 day ago · It is responsible to amend the borders of Albania or the Constitution, passes all laws, approves the cabinet, supervises the work of the government, declares war, decides on cessation of hostilities, adopt the state's budgets and approve the state's accounts.

  4. Ismail Kadare - Wikipedia › wiki › Ismail_Kadare

    1 day ago · Ismail Kadare was born in the Kingdom of Albania during the reign of King Zog I.He was born in Gjirokastër, an historic Ottoman Empire fortress mountain city of tall stone houses in southern Albania, 12 miles from the border with Greece.

    • Novelist, poet, essayist, screenwriter, playwright
    • Helena Kadare
  5. Edi Rama - Wikipedia › wiki › Edi_Rama

    1 day ago · Rama states that the Koleka family, going back some centuries is of northern Mirditor origin, and that the surname was derived from Kol Leka. Rama started painting early in his childhood. During his teenage years, his talent was noticed by two influential Albanian painters of the time, Edi Hila and Danish Jukniu.

  6. Flag of Albania - Wikipedia › wiki › Flag_of_Albania

    12 hours ago · The state flag of the People's Socialist Republic of Albania represents a red field with a black double-headed eagle in the center, on top of which is a red star with five corners, embroidered all around in gold. The ratio between the width and the length of the flag is 1:1-40. The flag symbols were designed by acclaimed painter Sadik Kaceli.

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