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  1. Feb 02, 2022 · Both the unitary Republic of France and the Federal Republic of Germany, for example, are constitutional democracies, while the unitary states of Algeria, Libya, and Swaziland are unfree non-democracies. The Republic of Sudan is an example of an unfree and non-democratic federal state. Examples of Unitary States

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    • Features of A Unitary System of Government
    • Advantages of A Unitary System of Government/Unitary State
    • Disadvantages/Demerits of A Unitary System of Government/Unitary State
    • Reasons For The Adoption of A Unitary System of Government

    The following are the features of a Unitary system of government; 1. Best practiced in a homogenous state: Unitary system is best practiced where there are no sharp differences in religion, language, political belief etc of the entire population. 2. Delegationof functions: The central government can delegate power and functions to other component u...

    The below listed are advantages of a unitary system of government/Unitary State; 1. Less cost: The cost of running a unitary system of government is relatively lower than the federal government. No duplication of functions is experienced in a unitary state. 2. Quick action: Quick action is taken in the areas of decision-making and execution. The ce...

    The following are disadvantages of a unitary system of government/Unitary state; 1. Poor attention to the local areas: The attention given to the people in the local areas may be poor. 2. Dictatorship: A unitary system of government may encourage dictatorship as a result of power concentration in the hands of a single authority. 3. Small and homoge...

    Reasons for the adoption of a Unitary system of government are highlighted below; 1) ABSENCE OF TRIBAL GROUPING: When there is no marked difference in tribes, a unitary system of government is adopted because no tribe will ever think of dominating others. 2) MANAGEMENT OF FUNCTIONS: The central government can adequately manage functions and at the ...

  3. For example, the state governor might have to share power with an attorney general, a lieutenant governor, a secretary of state, or any other elected official. How Does the President’s Executive Privilege Work? The constitution’s first article deals with the president’s power to veto laws and the limitations of this power.

  4. In an unitary constitution all legal sovereignty is contained in a single place - for example central government. Britain’s constitution is unitary. The UK has no states, so whilst Central government can choose to give out powers to devolved assemblies and local councils it can take those powers back at any time as they are not guaranteed by the constitution.

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