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  1. Worksheet. 1. How is a unitary system different from a federal system? In a unitary system, the central government is dominant in terms of power, while in a federal system, the central government ...

  2. About This Quiz & Worksheet. There are a variety of government systems in place throughout the world. This quiz and worksheet combination seek to determine your comprehension of unitary ...

  3. Identify the "Form" in Government: _____ As the king of my country, I am really more like a symbol. They don’t give me any power! In our country, the PEOPLE make ALL of the decisions! I am the only ONE who makes decisions!! We have seized control of the “means of production” for the working people!! Our country is ruled by a small group of

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    What's the difference between a federal and a unitary government?

    What are the three basic structures of government?

    How are the powers of the federal government divided?

    What does the constitution say about each branch of government?

  5. a system of government where the central government is supreme, and the localized governments can exercise only powers that the central government has delegated to them. answer choices Unitary

  6. The fact that Congress has the power to "make all laws necessary and proper for carrying into execution the foregoing powers" gives Congress _____ powers that go beyond its enumerated powers. implied The requirement that a state must return a person charged with a crime in another state to that state for trial or imprisonment is called _____.

  7. In every system of government the power to govern is located in one or more places geographically. From this standpoint, three basic structures exist: unitary, federal, and confederate. Unitary Government A unitary government is often described as a centralized government. All powers held by the government belong to a single, central agency.

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