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  1. Universal Pictures - CLG Wiki - Miraheze › wiki › Universal

    5 days ago · Logo: On a space background, a model globe rotates. Superimposed onto the globe are the words "Universal International" (in white for B&W films or yellow-orange for color films) in a italic Roman font with "U" and "I" bigger than the rest of the letters, symbolizing Universal's merger with International Pictures. Variants:

  2. Universal Television - CLG Wiki - Miraheze › wiki › Universal

    6 days ago · The 1994 MCA TV logo and the 1994 Multimedia Entertainment logo were replaced with the 1990-1997 Universal Pictures logo, which was also bylineless. On some shows such as Sliders , American Gothic , and M.A.N.T.I.S. (excluding the pilot episode), there was a still version of the logo, but "IN ASSOCIATION WITH" has been replaced by a small black ...

  3. Viacom (1952–2006) - Wikipedia › wiki › Viacom_(original)

    5 days ago · The first incarnation of Viacom Inc. (derived from "Video & Audio Communications") was an American media conglomerate.It began as CBS Television Film Sales, the syndication division of the CBS television network in 1952; it was renamed CBS Films in 1958, renamed CBS Enterprises in 1968, renamed Viacom in 1970, and spun off into its own company in 1971.

  4. Paramount Pictures - Wikipedia › wiki › Paramount_Studios

    3 days ago · Paramount Pictures Corporation (commonly known as Paramount Pictures, or simply Paramount) is an American film production company and a subsidiary of ViacomCBS.It is the fifth oldest film studio in the world, the second oldest film studio in the United States (behind Universal Pictures), and the sole member of the "Big Five" film studios still located in the city limits of Los Angeles.

  5. Warner Bros. Pictures - Wikipedia › wiki › Warner_Bros

    6 days ago · Warner Bros. Pictures. The division was incorporated as Warner Bros. Pictures on March 3, 2003 to diversify film subjects and expand audiences for their film releases. The company became part of the Warner Bros. Pictures Group, which was established in 2008, and Jeff Robinov was appointed the first president of the company.

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  7. Walt Disney Pictures - CLG Wiki - Miraheze › wiki › Walt_Disney

    6 days ago · While the 1992 Warner Bros. Pictures is the most common logo when it comes to plastering on live-action films, both the "Walt Disney Pictures" and the "Disney" variants are considered to be most common when it comes to plastering on animated films, hence the "The Master of Plaster in Animated Movie Form" nickname. Nonetheless, this is a ...

  8. 6 days ago · Catholic Charities Mission is to provide service to people in need, advocate for justice in social structures, and to call other people of good will to do the same.

  9. 4 days ago · Archaeology magazine. ARCHAEOLOGY has been published continuously for more than 70 years by the Archaeological Institute of America, which is dedicated to supporting archaeological inquiry and to fostering the pursuit of knowledge about human heritage.

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    Apr 15, 2021 · Vineyard Wind Announces Southwire As Key Supplier For Nation’s First Commercial Scale Offshore Wind Project. Apr 12, 2021. Vineyard Wind today announced that Southwire will be a key supplier for the design, manufacturing and installation of the onshore cables for Vineyard Wind 1.

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