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  1. The United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism 3080 Broadway Suite B208 New York, NY 10027 (212) 533-7800 Staff; Careers; Media; Blog; The Commons; Alumni; Board Portal ...

  2. Belong. Experience. Lead. Create. Impact. USY empowers Jewish youth to develop friendships, leadership skills, a sense of belonging to the Jewish People, a deep engagement with and love for Israel, and a commitment to inspired Jewish living through meaningful and fun experiences based on the ideology of Conservative Judaism.

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  4. Religion in the United Kingdom has changed significantly in recent years. Irreligion is prevalent, and British society is one of the most thoroughly secularised in the world. Agnosticism , nontheism , atheism , secular humanism , and non-affiliation have been the predominant view of Britons since at least the late 2010s. [1]

  5. Modern Orthodox Judaism (also Modern Orthodox or Modern Orthodoxy) is a movement within Orthodox Judaism that attempts to synthesize Jewish values and the observance of Jewish law with the secular, modern world. Modern Orthodoxy draws on several teachings and philosophies, and thus assumes various forms.

  6. May 14, 2021 · Conservative Judaism: Conservative Judaism was essentially founded in the United States. It was created to meet the growing desire among Jewish Americans to move away from the strict rules of Orthodox Judaism and to allow practices like men and women sitting together in synagogue.

  7. The synagogue room itself has a very simple basic form, though it may be embellished considerably. The only requirements are a container for the Torah scroll(s), called the aron ha-qodesh (“the holy ark”), a chest against the east wall or a recessed closet with doors and a curtain; a prayer desk (ʿamud) facing the ark, at which the reader stands when reciting the service; and the pulpit ...

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