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  1. European theatre of World War II - Wikipedia › wiki › European_theatre_of_World

    1 day ago · The European theatre of World War II was an area of heavy fighting across Europe, starting with Germany's invasion of Poland on 1 September 1939 and ending with the United States, the United Kingdom and France conquering most of Western Europe, the Soviet Union conquering most of Eastern Europe and Germany's unconditional surrender on 8 May 1945 (Victory in Europe Day).

    • Europe and adjoining regions
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  3. Finns - Wikipedia › wiki › Finns

    1 day ago · The majority moved from Finland to Sweden following the Second World War, taking advantage of the rapidly expanding Swedish economy. This emigration peaked in 1970 and has been declining since. There is also a native Finnish-speaking minority in Sweden, the Tornedalians in the border area in the extreme north of Sweden.

    • 16,000 (in 2002)
    • 1,500
  4. Mannheim - Wikipedia › wiki › Mannheim

    23 hours ago · He was born in Mühlburg (now part of Karlsruhe). Early 20th century and World War I. The Schütte-Lanz company, founded by Karl Lanz and Johann Schütte in 1909, built 22 airships. The company's main competitor was the Zeppelin works. When World War I broke out in 1914, Mannheim's industrial plants played a key role in Germany's war economy.

  5. Syngman Rhee - Wikipedia › wiki › Syngman_Rhee

    23 hours ago · After the war ended in July 1953, South Korea struggled to rebuild following nationwide devastation. The country remained at a Third World level of development and was heavily reliant on U.S. aid. Rhee was easily re-elected for what should have been the final time in 1956, since the 1948 constitution limited the president to two consecutive ...

  6. Galactic Empire (Star Wars) - Wikipedia › wiki › Galactic_Empire_(Star_Wars)

    1 day ago · The Star Wars: Legacy comic book series, set 127 years after the original Star Wars film, explains that, during a civil war, the New Galactic Empire known as the Fel Empire declares war on the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances (Galactic Alliance), the successor state of the New Republic, after 83 years of a cold war that began in 44 ABY ...

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