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  1. Allies of World War II - Wikipedia › wiki › Allies_of_World_War_II

    The Allies of World War II were the countries that together opposed the Axis powers during the Second World War (1939–1945). The Allies promoted the alliance as a means to defeat Nazi Germany, the Empire of Japan, Fascist Italy and their allies.

  2. Karlsruhe - Wikipedia › wiki › Karlsruhe

    Karlsruhe (/ ˈ k ɑːr l z r uː ə /, also US: / ˈ k ɑːr l s-/, German: [ˈkaʁlsˌʁuːə] (); formerly spelled Carlsruhe) is the second-largest city of the German federal state of Baden-Württemberg after its capital of Stuttgart, and its 313,092 inhabitants make it the 21st largest city of Germany.

    • 115 m (377 ft)
    • Germany
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  4. Allies of World War I - Wikipedia › wiki › Allies_of_World_War_I

    The Allies of World War I or Entente Powers were the coalition of countries led by France, Britain, Russia, Italy and Japan against the Central Powers of Germany, Austria-Hungary, the Ottoman Empire, Bulgaria and their colonies during the First World War (1914–1918).

  5. Strategic bombing - Wikipedia › wiki › Terror_bomb

    Because the term has pejorative connotations, some, including the Allies of World War II, have preferred to use euphemisms such as "will to resist" and "morale bombings". [1] [2] The theoretical distinction between tactical and strategic air warfare was developed between the two world wars.

  6. Albert Speer - Wikipedia › wiki › Hitler_architect

    Berthold Konrad Hermann Albert Speer (/ ʃ p ɛər /; German: [ˈʃpeːɐ̯] ; March 19, 1905 – September 1, 1981) served as the Minister of Armaments and War Production in Nazi Germany during most of World War II. A close ally of Adolf Hitler, he was convicted at the Nuremberg trials and sentenced to 20 years in prison.

  7. Divers find wreck of German World War II ship that was bombed ... › news › wreckage-german-world-war

    Oct 03, 2020 · Toward the end of World War II, it was included in the Hannibal Operation that evacuated Germans and Nazi troops from the East Prussia's Koenigsberg area as the Soviet Red Army advanced and was...

  8. Allied Powers - World War II by MLC › allied-powers

    World War II was fought between two major groups of nations. They became known as the Axis and Allied Powers. The major Allied Powers were Britain, France, Russia, and the United States. The Allies formed mostly as a defense against the attacks of the Axis Powers. The original members of the Allies included Great Britain, France and Poland.

  9. World War II nearly destroyed Kaiserslautern, with more than 60% of the city bombed and destroyed by Allied aircraft. Heaviest attacks occurred January 7th, August 11th, and September 28th, 1944. Of the 20,000 homes, 11,000 were destroyed or damaged.

  10. Technische Universität Darmstadt - Wikipedia › wiki › Technische_Universität

    In 1882, it was the first university in the world to set up a chair in electrical engineering. In 1883, the university founded the first faculty of electrical engineering and introduced the world's first degree course in electrical engineering. In 2004, it became the first German university to be declared as an autonomous university.

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